Core Substance


Core – Substance a dual split between 2 attributes the core attribute of the existence of the cycle & the substance attribute of the force within its existence there is no actual separation but actual manifestation of synchronization between the two attributes. Lets look at some common metaphors of understanding this cycle of energy process with no beginning.

“heart – mind” – “Water – Wave” – “Creation – life”

– Split Duality through separation of linear thinking, synchronicity that manifests into the idea of the cycle of coexistence with “no beginning” – Quantum Thinking

This paradigm depends on the shift of conciseness through changes in experience that should be absorbed from doing to be being. “Conciseness – experience” or Conception.

It is very interesting if we define Conception is ultimately the formation of a substance or concept through union.


The experience of the shift of change depends on the core understanding of the substance & its formation which according to a cycle with no beginning may only be measured through its relationship of time in a linear fashion from a 3D perspective where distance is created.

Time can be measured linearly but would not be a valuable measure in a quantum state as the quantum state or quantum energy process may shift & change but the energy of an isolated system will remain the same over time as stated by the law of conservation of energy. Therefore it wouldn’t matter the distance the quantum system has traveled as it will remain eternal.

To conclude linearly time is used to measure distance, distance cannot measure time (Unless hypothetical speaking measuring time by distance as the hypothetical proper distance) However this is proven only hypothetically, yet quantum energy will travel of non-measurable distances as it is an eternal process of energy changing formation and will remain the same. So in quantum terms the realization of just being instead of doing will allow the system to manifest its potential in any given moment or the NOW moment every single moment as time is non existent allowing for the past, present & future to co-exist & manifest every single moment.


– “Not just fore ward forever, Yet forever quantum”


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