Conflicting Process of Energy

A conflicting process requires forward energy shifts through the fragmentation process of the original energy source prior to the backward formation of energy once again. Depending on the energy formation of fragments & the dependency of each fragment on the formation process to adapt to the process depends on the tendency of each fragment to adapt with itself.

The catalytic energy will shift the fragmentation of energies breakdown & formation of combinations of experience yet the catalytic energy remains unchanged & the same . The process executed by the catalytic energy  to shift the core energy (catalyst) & substance of energy (fragments)  is communicated potential combinations (energy experience) of shifting energy that are preparing for formation through the law of attraction that governs the systems eternal life cycle or life force.

Each fragment has the opportunity to experience new shift therefore experiences a new formation known to the catalyst according to the reaction in process. Therefore there are different processes with different shifts & potentials influenced by previous energy formations that requires less energy for the same formation from previous process communication or cellular memory, energies do not conflict the only conflict is the formation opportunities that are realized. Polarities help shift energies in process of reaction and therefore shifting the energies of the catalyst for completion of the cycle.


Energy carries a vibratory field that attracts formation and therefore higher & lower vibration are balanced.

From a 3D linear view imbalance is observed when focusing on fragments of energies as they cluster together , however quantum observation of the whole system remains in balance in the past, present & future tense  the imbalanced clusters of energies in reaction are observed to be unified fragments within the outer fragment of the complete system, energy can’t be created nor destroyed but merely shifts formation and therefore changes in potential of energy (properties) are observed as various states of reactions.


The image above may resonate with the expectation of core catalytic energy (Decision process in biological 3D linear terms) and potential (Expectation of energy formation or biological logic in 3D linear terms) of  state (being) & the fragments of forward thought process with energy adaption due to quantum attraction to the shift by the different states of biological reaction states possible within a complex system of the now potential combined with the potential that can be achieved in the now moment attracting energy combinations for formation back to the catalytic core energy source in a now shifted (conciseness) state.

Further more assuming the above scenario as follows; the dinosaurs (core catalytic energy = complete biological life system) through the biological thought process  of the mind ( energy fragments) realized the potential of its being in the now moment & potential in the now forward moment of attraction   or catalytic shift of formation to achieve the above scenario or experience through the adaption of energies taking place by reaction  between the dinosaurs (Biological cycle system) fragments to conclude a energy shift of the complete system towards another potential energy fragmentation shift.

images (34)

Two key questions are asked here, one) Why is energy split into fragments to realize & visualize the total system potential experience if it is a complete system!?! Can energy potential be realized or visualized as a singular complete system that undergoes the shift process!?!? This will help us view the above scenario from a greater quantum or multidimensional / non linear view. We will discuss this in a different yet related 2 discussion posts included under quantum time category titles 1- Shift of illusion 2- Shifting Reality.


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