Shift of illusion



A biological experience under the formation process of clusters of energy that react to form a new process & biological potential of process in its absolute state of completion assumes motion i.e for example the splitting of consciousness into two categories under linear 3D observation. The first aspect of this observation is the amount of process or work undergone to achieve this formation under linear duality with outer constraints of time & space otherwise known as distance yet in biological or consciousnesses terms this may be considered as growth or eternal experience.


The second aspect of this observation is from the within core or reaction catalysts that gives existence to motion, in biological & conciseness terms the cellular living organism cycle or the human soul formation process of experience occurring during the split. 

This complex system in by design of singular fragment(s) or clusters may also be viewed as a singular complete system in its simplest form. The greater the fragmentation frequency, the greater the perceived motion of process by the eternal biological system & effort in that particular motion (direction of formation) is realized therefore increased velocity. This particular motion of example presented now to be considered is thus the opposite to non uniform motion experienced of split consciousnesses. Noting a biological system process  is therefore considered to be in uniform motion (balanced) or non uniform motion (unbalanced). It is worth noting that Kinematics the study of motion does not consider the cause of motion. Lets consider the definition of non uniform motion of velocity that occurs as displacements of a body in equal intervals of time are different, noting that In a linear 3D reality of quantum observation VS our example of a flat Earth with a uniform gravity field, and no air resistance, a projectile launched with specific initial conditions will have a predictable range. Therefore there will be no or minimal disturbances to the biological system of formation of process(s) and potential & what is to be considered in linear 3D a predictable formation by the conciseness mind.


To conclude a predictable projectile motion will be realized with uniform velocity motion of equal time & distance intervals & thus hypothetically the conciseness is able to realize the formation process in harmony. However if uneven intervals of time & distance occur the consciousnesses will perceive disturbances & prediction of the projectile is less obvious and the biological system or consciousnesses will not be perceived in harmony or balance. On a consciousnesses level this unbalanced formation may be realized as an ill biological system of formation process and by the mind as disease, living nightmare, illusions or many other obvious social methodological terms on a negative unbalanced scale.


We have noted that for such a split the cause of motion is unknown and hypothetically exists (eternal) for fragmentation and formation process to occur. To conclude Why is energy split into fragments to realize & visualize the total system potential experience if it is a complete system is realized hypothetically…

“Shifting the illusion of Eternal Realization in linear 3D Yet in Quantum terms a motionless body will remain in eternal being” ; a body at rest will remain at rest –  Sir Isaac Newton






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