Shifting Reality

Can energy potential be realized or visualized as a singular complete system that undergoes the shift process!?!?

We observed the fragmentation potentials of formation & the realization of a consciousnesses experience in a system subject to unknown cause of motion as kinematics the study of motion was considered. A motionless system will remain at rest and natural state unless subjected to a force or cause of motion to its being. We have considered the realization of experience during the split of conciseness thus fragmentation of the biological system for its potential process(s).  

Image To look at a singular system in total existence and realize its potential formation process(s) in its  motionless state without a linear 3D observational experience, we must consider the quantum state of the object within its being. To define quantum state or better known as the vector state that is a pure state (potential) & mixed state (all pure states potentials) which would bring us to the human conciseness question of universal truth…

what is reality?


This topic explores the shifting reality of human conciseness as oppose to the total universal truth or reality. Through the exploration of a singular complete system (pure state) potential in being, other (mixed states) potentials will be realized as the building blocks of a mix state is unknown number of pure state(S) & therefore their known potential(s).

In this topic no attempt is made to realize the pure state potential(s) or mixed state potential(s) but to examine through hypothetical examination how a pure state in its motionless being without linear 3D fragmentation split and formation process can open a window realization of it potential(s) by considering its quantum state of no begging & no ending from its current state or pure state of potential(s). This is a key role that forms of belief systems such as religion have played and succeeded in achieving in today’s society to help shift reality “from life to death to the after life”. So lets define a belief system and the structure role it has in brief.


This belief structure in my terms “is based on an event and the cause of event is known by the unknown” the key aspect here is the unknown is in quantum sate vs the fragmentation formation process previously discussed where the only difference is a hypothetical assumption is made that the unknown remains in linear 3D state. Therefore the window of opportunity in the being state is that the core or pure mix potential(s) always remains in quantum state of the therefore whole singular universal system. In quantum state the shift of reality is realized by the complete system through experience instead of clusters of fragmentation of formation and therefore experience. The key question does this confirm the illusion of fragmentation and the illusion of motion when the system potential(s) is unknown as that in itself is a d illusion regardless if the cause of motion exists or does not exists. Therefore to remove this constraint and become in a mixed state of potential(s) the closest window society has been able to unveil is to realize the unknown is know yet fragmentation still exists to strengthen the formation & balance or uniform motion between a singular biological system. This has been done by belief systems know as religion & other similar concepts that remove the constraint of not knowing the unknown.

In coming Topics i will explore what other systems if any could have the same potential realization of a singular system in a somewhat known quantum state & yet might not require formation process to realize its potentials. A perfect religious expression & example of such a singular complete state removing this constraint is;

I am, That I am – Moses





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