Quantum Source “Manifestation”

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Knowledge  is the foundation of the building blocks both in quantum state (Knowing) & linear 3D  (Information) of coexistence between the 2 states & all other multi dimensional possible states, otherwise know as the consciousnesses & subconsciousness of a linear state or  total consciousnesses states of a multi perceptional quantum state.

If there is no beginning & no end to the total system in existence and its being,  than arguably the perfect model should completely be existent in the now moment of its total being functioning through manifesting within its moment its total & complete potentials of now otherwise known…

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as being in the present moment. “

Therefore the perfect model will manifest itself through knowingly being in its complete perfect state of conciseness of existence or coexistence.  Manifestation is defined as an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something & is clearly an example of the perfect biological system in many methodological theories.


“Manifestation Process”

This may be adapted into the formation of any Biological systems of conciseness or yet simply its coexistence.


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