Conciseness Plague or Manifesting The Unknown Law



The Manifestation of the Unknown to a biological system is the very driving motor of its survival, process formation & manifestation logic in its being & complete functionality & coexistence.

Existence of a model in its complete functionality & infinite moment can be seen to present itself in simultaneous infinite scenarios in its multi-functionality level of potentials.  

Lets use a metaphoric expression to explain this, you are acting a movie in a film studio to be presented to an audience. Once the film screening begins your maximum potential of a global audience screening through the use of current technology is highly likely a great possibility to reach every single viewer .

This will create multiple perceptions of the same moment and therefore the potential of manifesting more scenarios for the global audience will become greater as each individual reacts differently & manifests his / her scenario within the linear thinking of the perceived moment & scenario.     



Therefore hypothetically speaking access to manifestation of this complete quantum state without process formation could be considered. The only known possible way to manifest an Unknown quantum state is by shifting change at a constant rate higher than its perceived state. Therefore as the current perceived state is subjected to a greater rate of other possible potential states the outcome is quantum or collective consciousnesses.


A collective state of consciousness maybe energetically explored at locations around the world where collective consciousnesses has an increased rate of perception as it is collective and not singular therefore this collectiveness is energetically perceived as pure quantum energy ready to manifest its potential(s) collectively as a singular system of manifestations or singularly as a collective manifestation system of what was partially or completely unknown to the current state. 

Examples of collective consciousnesses effects maybe controlled energetic quantum matter for a desired effect for example by the use of technology via media channels (Consciousnesses plaque)  or may exist in a pure form i.e locations visited around the world by mass pilgrims & the energy of quantum matter in coexistence in such locations.




“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” – 





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