When Einstein Met Tagore


A Common trend in many posts & blogs & forum discussions is the reality of matter and the unknown relationship between conciseness & matter. Neverless its clearly until now Independence as Albert Einstein has arguably perceived yet come to terms in his ongoing discussions with colleagues an interdependent relationship will exist in the form of shaping & understanding realities.

Matter cannot be consciously shaped into formation or existence yet  in reality will influence the consciousnesses state  of being as it is perceived to understand the reality its very foundation is built upon and that is a solid human state of reality. The consciousnesses will shape its existing reality based on the formation process of matter to realize a greater state of infinite existence that it associates with matter. Therefore adapting the laws of physics surrounding matter to better serve its consciousnesses potential of what is known & unknown  So Now we can identify two key questions) 1- What brought about the existence of matter? How does matter influence consciousnesses? in our solid reality!!! Einstein would simply presume the creation of matter had to result in the formation of a process that could drive it into motion such as consciousnesses & in return matter would DE stabilize consciousnesses to perform the basic universal laws around influences that can perceive matter in such a solid reality where it can exist without consciousnesses & perform its necessary functions or process  independently. So its not a matter of who came first? But a matter of did the chicken arrive before the egg or did the egg hatch the chicken.


In my point of view and it is generalized to conclude in a creative manner consciousnesses had to stem from a reality where matter exists however matter has no consciousnesses influence for its existence in reality & simply adheres by the laws of physics of the universe however understood by our consciousnesses.  Therefore matter has been part of a solid reality where consciousnesses began to shape its formation independently yet interdependently once realized the laws it had put in place. This means the egg hatched first which gave birth to the chicken.

The current pit hall is the creation or existence of matter which scientists assumably will resolve this conflict by studying dark matter or black holes that have been again created by consciousnesses in our universe as the laws of physics have been shaped & this is why this study is possible not to prove the existence of matter but to prove that matter is consciously aware the laws & physics its governed by and there existence. Which would be a breakthrough in science

“proving the existence of humanity regardless of its consciousness state”Image

which currently is seemingly impossible as our awareness of existence in quantum states do not part with our linear states of awareness to realize our potential for an eternal existence but also some of the many potential quantum states of our existence as similar & grander challenges are poised to our evolutionary system.



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