Truths Unified – Islam & the prophet, Science of the mind, You & I.


The Formation of a balanced system requires unity by universal law & acceptance of the greater consciousnesses of its existence that it is apart off.


Therefore the greater truth of existence (Those who seek the truth) is the realization that division of oneself into greater parts or aspects of there reality (The Unknown form of existence to the conciseness mind) or Vise verse the splitting of the consciousnesses of its truth into smaller parts of less acceptable & understandable truths (Sin) would simply place you in a position of unbalance towards your own greater consciousnesses of existence (Creation) & its potential for you.


Acceptance of this truth will lead to greater actions of the eternal life of the consciousnesses (Soul) for the ability to adhere to natural formation processes by universal law (God) of the greatness of all its truth that ones consciousnesses may or may not be aware off.

Ideologically speaking natural human process of consciousnesses formation may only be limited by its own greatness (Possession) and thus impose upon itself a greatness in loss of the greater part of its existence (Deepest roots of evilness in this world) or potential formation (Relationship with God) of its consciousnesses potential.


If such words are correctly to be understood then behavior of consciousnesses is a result of its known truth that manifests into ones actions (Ones Will) reacting to the imbalance of process for oneself  belief of paradigm of existence in its truth (Creators Challenges & Tests of the Soul).


This may be described as Unification of the consciousnesses mind with its existing reality (Heaven).

الشيح ابوبكر الشاطري _ قل لوكان البحر مدادا لكلمات ربي


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