In Light & Knowledge of the Quran “Understanding Compassion”

Foretold Story of Compassion inspired by the Qur’an;

Mercy is Kind & Forgiving in Lightness & Compassion Shines in Darkness


Translations of The Holy Qur’an  are always seen not to convey the precious message relayed in the holy scripture & is the cause of major conflict of various Arabic versions of interpretations & that of translated text to other languages. This is not a translation merely an understanding of various aspects that have been told in a story format to highlight the depth simplicity & beauty of knowledge understood from the Holy Book of Our’an..


The meaning usually is known to be specific as it is intended to be to target a particular uncertainty that shadows within the mind lacking of wisdom truly unknown to many pathless souls yet has been seen and heard in the midst of spiritual darkness & awakening by some & has always been foretold to those who are wary of there compassion & the kingdom of compassion of kingdoms they find themselves in with the knowledge they seek.


The Journey of Compassion & Understanding is the undeniable truth of the threat posed to oneself as its greatness falls in the pathless truth of its compassion never to be sought out as a miracle of justice.

The miracle of justice is foretold to behold the path of those merciful of there own gratefulness in judgment of the pathless truth of there compassion of journeyed paths. In other words to recognize there mistakes or sinful actions of a merciful creator of greatness in his miracle.


Hoping this would teach others to stop presetting their own revelations as individuals seek pathless truth of compassion that is a foretold to be a journey of crude judgment awaiting persecution to begin there journey once again.

Destiny has shaped its forgiveness as key judgment of compassionate reasons to weight a balanced rightness pathless soul on his journey once again of towards his kingdom. A choice made not of the compassionate kingdom of existence but of his own will remain pathless seeking the miracle of that was.

A balanced kingdom on earth is equally set on a journey through darkness of the pathless journey only not to be disillusioned at the rightfulness of trauma that has never ceased to exist without individuality bestowal upon oneself s of a miracle foreseen to be a pathless compassionate kingdom of seekers in journey of believers.

Light & Day a journey that has expressed total Light & Dark as it began with the miracle of a pathless compassionate guide on why this journey began & why it should end highlighting the truth of pathless & its miracle in compassion. A choice that can only be forgiven by those who saw the day light & destroyed for those who remain pathless indeed as kingdoms fall & kingdoms rise one will stand & rise in truth that it speaks of belief in a pathless miracle of compassion separated journey that it parts with and is guided by ownership of day & night seekers of forgiveness and or mercilessness upon remaining on the pathless kingdom of choosing.

Mercy is kind & forgiving in lightness & Compassion shines in darkness…..



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