Choice of The Past “Present Your Moment”

This topic will explore limitations to the Free Consciousnesses Mind of the Human Will, Does This Power of choice exist in our reality? or Simply A Powerful delusion within our Reality. As Explored in the video presented below.

Time is an aspect of reality that is a constraint by universal law allowing or denying ones ability to making choices of the free will this proves that its existence within our reality is a powerful force of choice & time attraction regardless  Just Spare a thought for The Crime & Punishment of our Legal System revolves  around  Time according to the powerful notion of free choice. You can increase or decrease your choices in time but choosing of when they will take place is the masters key of manifestation.


Mythological Ideas within Beliefs & Social Structures have explored & emphasized the importance of time & the eternal power it holds, They have ongoingly spoken about the manifestations time beholds. Yet the biggest question remains unanswered can we control time by pausing, skipping, rewinding or fast-warding time to choose our moment & therefore the power of free choice & its manifestation gives us the gift of creation of  “Time & Choice”.

Decisions have created time based measures to evaluate the value of a time based choice. The formation of choices that when given power of manifesting into great ideas & inventions by the appropriate decisions become Timeless. Through thought by the mind they live forever eternally”. Here we can say that the experience if at the chosen moment will empower your choices & then this moment will cease to exist in an eternal infinite cycle.

As the video would explain this constraint of time can limit both our experience of our reality by associating time with our reality only. However if the amount of valuable time spent making this choice of free will is measured against the number of times it takes you to realize that time is valuable the free will choice can’t accept a programmatic choice that is known as time begins to choose its valuable moments out of your experiences existing in your reality of experience to chose in moment at any given experience of time. Therefore time is our free will of choice.

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The potentials of experience through time being the valuable moment of its experience  can be otherwise expressed as 

“achieve more by doing less”.  or “Value Time of that which You Don’t Give Time Too”

Time constraint  will always equally stress the forces applied to the consciousnesses mind or model without failure  or dis balance of the regular function.

Speed is observed over our Time which may be our choice of destiny to shorten or lengthen our journey but our Time can also be observed by our speed of making such choices & that’s why we are able to manifest free will.

Time changes choice no doubt.

Speed of time moments passing according to the choice of moment at the time of that speed of the particular moment.  – This should answer your question if time changes speed,  as speed may vary the moments may vary in speed answering the question of Can Time Change Speed?


download (10)I  refer to a biblical aspect below an extracted phrase from what the bible says about virgin Mary. The extract of phrase used is to show meaning in perception of different moments chosen in free will with a timeless approach of understanding for that choice of moment. “highly favored” (from a single  Greek World) & its meaning is “much-grace” it may be experienced as “Gods Grace.”  – If we too choose to experience time in a moment of our choices we will never need to experience free will.

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