Mastery FAQ

The most difficult question to answer that has seemed to surface on all levels of belief structures is how do i build & strength my faith in light of applying a greater form of understanding to my system of its greatness accessing all wisdom of its truth in today’s society.

ImageI thought i would run by a quick FAQ that would help fill the void of faith & understanding that i personally think are most common in today’s society.


1) What is faith?

Faith i will simply define as the desired level of the want to reach your potential of meaningful direction of the soul purpose of your existence & belief in it.

2) How does faith influence your social behavior towards other? Your Realization Vs Awareness balance:

The concept behind any faith that is backed by understanding of the knowledge of its own balance that must remain in harmonic convergence & balance any other system that it may counter act with, being not in conflict but in resolution of its own conflict of ideas with own faith as a result of this interaction should emerge and Realization of imperfectness causing dis harmony.


The forces that must be considered during this interaction is balance of Timing, Clear Communication Channel & Alignment of Ideas in discussion. Conflict will most definitely arise as behavior convergence occurs & that is the attempt of stabilization of balance through behavior seeking resolution of owns own conflicts & imbalances. System interactions of beliefs will only occur when a balance is being conflicted by your own faith. Note a distinctiveness between spiritual social norms may be another cause of system belief interactions to balance a balanced system that requires a shift of logic to a state of consciousnesses awareness.

3) How does Realization become part of my logic state of shifting of my consciousness?


This is part of mastery & wisdom of an faith is the ability to Release information for a greater purpose of your existence into your consciousness & out of your logic storage area.  Once information is released the mechanism of ideas becomes faith instead of belief. Belief will only allow for information to part if it is not needed or valued. Faith will only release information to be utilized for the total benefit of a system or systems.

4) What is the foundation of my system that creates reality and opens new doors?

Firstly we must consider illusion as being the lack of existence or something. Illusion defines faith in its early stages & throughout as the lack of something of its existence so that faith will draw upon the wisdom of the truth by releasing this information into consciousnesses for release for the profound experience of bringing this information to total consciousnesses awareness prior to logic information release & after logic information storage.  Fear cannot harm logic & the information stored there by realization or information within the consciousnesses awareness however fear can cause beliefs (information that is not required or valued) to enter the consciousnesses awareness that could not be released easily unless reentered the logic storage information for processing by bypassing the belief system of realization or reentering it once again (Safest Conflict resolution of imbalances  or simply released into consciousnesses awareness as processed now by logic .


The implications of are great especially if logic does not process the information of belief & is released into the consciousnesses awareness. If the system is stable the consciousnesses will absorb the information until it has no need for it or value which is very difficult thing for the consciousnesses to do. If the system is imbalanced the only way the system can return to balance is through behavioral convergence to force the fear to be processed by logic as the belief system returns to balance so will the consciousnesses.

5) How do you define your consciousnesses awareness for harmonic convergent i.e integration of systems including belief systems?

To resolve a conflict of belief & faith integration we must realize our beliefs will create many realities together to help us realize the delusions of our realities or in other words information that will not serve our purpose existence & we must agree through logic on why, where & what are the beliefs impurities influencing our consciousnesses & doesn’t serve us. To Release faith in its purest form into our consciousnesses with little behavioral convergence of belief. Creating the formation of two existing ideas that balance different aspects of each others systems in different ways causing a harmonic shift in balance of consciousnesses.


6) How do we communicate ideas of consciousnesses to our awareness?

This is what i call metaphorically a transporter of ideas, the idea is created & plunged into your consciousnesses first where the idea originated is absorbed (Transported) as previously mentioned in the same way fear couldn’t easily absorbed  & dissolved, a creative idea from the system it originates from will absorb quickly & communicate it to the integrating system & vise verso as part of the absorption process harmonic convergence tools will also help the rate of absorption i.e Timing, Channel, Alignment.


“System integration of faith is a beautiful process of truth that you believe in” & This is the foundation of any belief / faith system incorporation for its existence.

Survival is simply an imbalance of great belief impurities influencing faith & will cause behavioral Convergence to stabilize the consciousnesses mind & its faith.



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