Social Fear is Paid For! The Golden Egg

The driving pilot force of an economy is the economic power of high levels of finance of financial institutions that supports a system of more borrowing and therefore ultimately resulting in a deficit.


This deficit identifies lending criteria based on buying power & total assets key for financial debt recovery in case of overspending by finical institutions that results in profit loss.

In return this system is designed to generate income on return on previous investment (money borrowed) that is based on current inflation rates & is the direct results in lenders Fixed Profit Results.

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However being in large amounts of deficit will cause greater economic expectations of quick return on previous investments causing variable & fixed interest rates to fluctuate with expected interest rises resulting in slow & steady economic growth that encourages investments and drives price commodities to drop & demand increase therefore  new highly competitive local & export markets emerge that results in economic recovery & stability with a future budget surplus highly likely as cuts in future spending become accountable for a higher profit margin & risk of overspending is reduced.

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Policies are formed & stabilize the political influences position in favor of  the economic growth that supports the exchange of foreign  currency for trading in emerging markets capitalizing on growth opportunities for a stronger influential political spectrum in a global environment.

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Giving Rise to Political Power of Statue & Policy Making decisions within the  global infrastructure of Economic, Political & Social frame work in favor for benefiting on a national & international scale.

images (48)“A Happy Free Nation with a Strong Voice”


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