Inside War & American Politics – Part 1

Lets admit to ourselves one over rated aspect of organized political structure “above & beyond” targeting the investigative aims, methods & boundaries of philosophy of philosophy for “true wisdom” or our power for our own well being “all there is” is the clear motto of american presidential quota for the only moment that exists of now which is the present moment of speeches for social power of exchange of valuable resources for the consumption of operations and the ownership of assets to satisfy the demand of power justification to a supportive population growth and quality value of our social freedom structures with the only objective of increase in ownership of land for Resource & Population sustainability for the “human resource” rise to power. A sense the importance of our basic organizational management model Human capital or value hence our trade agreements & immigration ties all driven by politics of ready made policies to achieve this.


Yes in simple terms human resources power a system to function and operate in conditions to meet the social norm of viable standards, as food powers the human body, and various forms of energy sustain the human needs of today’s social functions to maintain performance levels that in return forms the basis of the protective model of human nature operations and assets of ownership including land & resources.


So i put it down to Nations Wealth = Human Resources + Area (Resource) = Operational Capabilities

It’s no wonder the substance for war has been for Hitler to occupy land as consumption and population growth exploded requiring the protection of call for white civil rights,


Saddam invading oil rich Kuwait to power a third world order of the initiations of individual rights of consumption and rise to power of a nations

Imageor the September 11 attacks of terrorism to create power of social norm by increasing value of social American assets and liberty.


“What a great combination and formula for disaster defining each political aspect giving us the American dream of freedom of basic rights to the transaction of free choice.”

More recently the controversy contradiction of the free Syrian war imposed on the judgment to account for our free will of choice in regional stability to justify our actions in wore torn occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq and more recently Rwanda & Africa as they say You are either with us or against us.



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