Quantum Model “The Role of Leadership”


A Leadership Role can be defined as leading a group of people towards a direction that serves individual goals to be attained based on a collective agreement.

 Define Purpose & Create Meaning

The function of an individual is based on the agreed structure of group members that participate in a collective organizational role to achieve a specific task.

ImageCommunication of Meaning:

Function may be seen as the performance building blocks of a Structure. This quantum relationship is understood that when an individual functions he becomes part of a structure that the performance of this function becomes a measure of structural quality.


“We are what we think” – process.

Leadership Transparency

The relationship here is between individual function & individual structure of a collective function & structure. 


“This is the beginning of a quantum reality where individuals think as one collective for a set of achievable collective goals & realize there each individual efforts in achieving those targets are collective.” – indifferent.

Set of Core Values

The purpose of organizational structural efforts is to promote individual efforts to think & function collectively. Individual capabilities are coordinated to make up an organizational function.


“We develop, to think” – foundation.

Recognition of Opportunity

 Performance is based on function of the structure. The emphasis is placed on the leadership role of the organization as a whole & the driving force is the individual effort that assumes the role of organizational leadership.


“I have done, therefore i am” – growth.

Measurable Outcomes

Organizational success due to of each individual benefiting by individuals achieving their goals that are set to the organizational collective goal of leadership role to achieve the set targets.


“All for one” – alignment.

Reward & Identity

The relationship here is based on the individual effort measuring to the value of a collective effort of individuals & communicating this value as part of organizational team work.


“Meeting individual roles collectively.” – importance.

Strategic Planning 

Change can’t be predicted & limitations of change can’t be set, yet the leadership organizational role can encourage change & recognition of the indifference in effort due to change.


“Today is a good day, Yesterday will be better than today” – forward thinking.

Therefore the organization sets targets based on individual capabilities & enhances organizational performance based on capabilities of effort & not individual competitiveness of efforts.

Failure is an Error in Judgment

The strengths an individual will be absorbed into the collective efforts & the weakness’s of the organization will be communicated to individuals for improvements.


“Judgment is the formation of law”  – effort recognition.



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