Understanding Balance & Choice

A system has a set of laws that result in a positive or negative outcome of our experience. Depending on the outcome of our experience we will control our choices in the same direction.

“The Law of Attraction is the power to attract and repel”

Our choices are made by our consciousnesses thinking ability to control our emotions of feelings & behaviors of what we believe we can achieve or cannot during that experience.


The cycle of beliefs either negative or positive will create our choices of experience according to what we have previously experienced of our ability to control & the laws that constraint that experience.

“This explains Self-control as that is the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior, and desires in order to obtain some reward, or avoid some punishment that forms our belief systems & models.”


For example a smoker will only quit smoking if they have control to generate positive experience from that choice of there previous experience of smoking & the laws associated with such choice depending on the amount of negative or positive constraints or experiences of smoking will either make it easier or harder to generate positive experiences to be able to quit smoking .

What does this all mean? do we make consciousnesses choices of our negative experiences? & are these experiences measurable?

Experience is proof of human existence this knowledge of truth is our “key of life”.


“in ancient Egypt as a symbol of generation or enduring life.”

Our Reality requires ongoing constant experience of the cycle of eternity. A negative experience will bring our awareness to life & death as will a positive experience. Positive & negative experiences coexist & are influenced by each others outcomes of experience.

Since our experience will evaluate the natural cycle of life & death we can only control the experience of choice based on previous experience outcomes to experience our reality of the life & death cycle in a more positive or negative manner.


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