Purely Communicating Science

The function & process of communication simplified:


Communication is the ability to interpret information that is received & submitted.

It is also acts as a linkage of connection between two or several sources of information in communication.

Information results in a database log or storage that is process’s information when received for interrelation between existing & new information.

A signal will send information to the carrier or transmitter once the information processed is required for function.

As the system begins to function in communication between another systems signaling begins once again.


The introduction & discussion above of communication relates to the importance networking sources of information for processing.However,

The two key questions asked here is:


A) Why do humans require a source of information or a feedback system or network?

B) Is there a connection between the sources of information?

The discussion will answer;

A&B) How does Communication provide a source of information?

Source of information is required to generate a command or function of the system hence you are able to write a program of information by commands or prompts of particular functions of that byte or packet of information.

This information must be communicated to the source or data logger of this information to loop the command & pass it of as a function. so where does this information come from? It is programmed by information received from another source that has been communicated & processed.

Therefore in this particular case communication is the transfer of method(s) to complete a particular function. Hence i assume the terminology of “communication method”. So the communication method maybe sound waves of transfer by the carrier & the information processed in this case will be sound.


Noting i used sound waves as the communication method of sound as it is a very easy example to visualize the next point to answer the question that the information source sound is part of the communication method that is not separate from the information. Therefore the origin of the information (sound) is sound waves & communication method “sound waves” exist due to sound (information).

This would be supportive of the theory that matter is at constant motion.



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