POSITIVE – Matter Is The Life Form of Our Souls Creation & Coexistence.

No Belief Means No Divine Presence, However To Believe Is To Become As Is.

“We Cannot Destroy Our Life Force Energy Of  Creation, This Makes Our Unification of Our Individual Self’s A Collective Agreements Between The Resolution Of  Ourselves & The Life Journeys We Have Chosen, We Are Therefore To Be The Shape of Eternal Formations Of Indestructible Energy Of Change”

The combination of the perceptions of negative & positive aspects of all types of realities to be experienced we thus conclude and may draw the assumption that existing here of that of the soul there is no proof of the human experience to validate the advantages of studying the soul journey to experience its many choices of its negative many realities as these are non existent soul perceptions and are merely becoming fantasies of realities providing falsified delusional mind conception of negative growth due to the chosen separation of the souls journey of illusions including all negatively perceived realities by the human soul as this is an experience that is beginning to operate in nature that is falsely denying the experience of life’s eternal objections by the path of a soulless reality under assumption of negativity of its formation within the environment that teaches the beginning of all the negative perceptions of ideology  to continue by the self belief & ongoing self worship involved to be the occurring format of negative experiences denying our soul to journey its life of eternal birth from becoming the delusional part of the outside of the souls perception to the ultimately of becoming a strong cause of which separation of illusion begins to teach us that with the reality of negative illustrations we  become part of that experience in which the soul & spirit formulation rejects as it can’t exist in a self destructive environment and is always all knowing of its eternal wholeness to the fact of the life path & journey is a way of survival of its path way & eternal joy within its journey to completion of its simply being state or cycle of life.

“We Will & Shall Not Perish & Cannot Begin To Self Destruct Our Eternal Being of Our Chosen Life Cycle, As We Learn To Prepare & Strengthen Our Immortality Within Our Eternity In Our Life’s”


“Where Do You Find The Life Of Your Inner Peace In?.

…Is It Within Your Heart or In Your Mind?”

We All Make The Choice To Live Life within Your Eternal Freedom of Choices, You Are Known To Choose To Be Accepting of Life, And We Learn To Eternally To  Begin To Make Our Choices To  Live Life. 

Concluding that it is not in mankind’s or our current formations of our humans true nature to coexists with evil, sinfulness, or mortal death & is best when it has been discarded  from our presently known realities of experience & the awareness of recognition of that is and that it has merely disillusioned in our realities becoming merely the preferred choice of the many possibilities of ones true nature of life to the reality of fantasies fulfilled outside of their true essence or thus becoming part of the reality of the resistance process to acquire the natural cycle to realization of our natural process cycle and the benefits of a positive outcome.

The function of a soul that has been perceived to be within a negative perceived emotional and physical fantasy of realities becoming evidently not to be known to support and exercise therefore the most optimistic outlook of validation of your source matter & thus it verifies the non existence of the souls imagination in creation of its destructive cycles and therefore supporting such negative fantasies in ones life  is to be absorbed & begin to reflect the souls imagination of creation in a fully emotionally, physically and mentally absorbed patterns of an induced positive reality shaping & validating the eternal bliss of creation  ultimately comprising the thinking to the reduced of selfless actions of thought and pattern to which the degree of such negative fantasies begin to destruct and their presence will and shall not exist in this reality of eternal being.

“Show The Minds Self Absorption & Reflection of Its Eternal Being”

“Belief In Your Faith & Full Nature To Act Eternally of Part Wholeness & Oneness.” 

“All Finite Realities of  The Souls Mortality In Beliefs Of Pleasure & Pain in Death, Then As They Prove Destructible as They Are On A Pathway Journey To There Own Self Destructible Nature –  As They Become Part Of Hell.”

The key arguments will always recognize the negative realities as only being partly of the coexistence between ones illusion that serves the beginning of ones completion of the realization of all that positive realities may exist definitely becoming a bitter & sourly experience as both realities of positive and negative attempt to be realized within an experience of coexistence between both realities and opposing forces define each perspective of life & illusion one becoming the thought of total self destruction and its own destruction of negative patterns of force and the other becoming eternally present within the reality your being shapes.

“Define Your Minds State Of Being in Eternal Life’s Formation Journey & Moral Choice Of Destiny, Define Beauty.”

“For The Last Time, Comprehend The Finite Mind Cycle, To Begin To Teach The Path Way Of The Eternal Mind,

The Complete Resurrection of Truth Will Free Your Mind, Body & Spirit With the Knowledge of The Tree of Life,

Begin To See Your Connection To Life.”


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