Peace on Earth

The combination of negative & positive aspects of realities draws by many to a close that there is no validity in studying negative realities as these are merely fantasies of realities of the human soul to perceive a soulless reality outside of them in which they can’t exist.


“Lose Yourself”

Concluding that it is not in humans true nature to coexists with evil, sinfulness, or immorality & is best discarded  from our known realities & the recognition that its merely in ones nature to fantasies outside their true essence or reality as part of the resistance to realization of our natural process cycle.


Within a negative perceived fantasy of realities the most optimistic validation of non existence of such fantasies in ones life  is to be absorbed in a positive reality  to the degree of such fantasies shall not exist.


The point here is to recognize negative realities only coexistence in illusion & realize that positive realities may exist sourly as both realities coexists when submergence of illusions becomes part of our reality.


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