Inside War & American Politics – Part 2

The aspect seen as the most highly evolved authoritative response of power by the Syrian government was in response to the rise of power of its own people, as a divided nation of people stood up amongst themselves  believing in a resulting vision of the free Syrian future of choice creating the formation of current newly advanced diplomatic techniques & strategies of breakthroughs of language between humanity found in the understanding to sustain regional stability & secular rule.


“Differentiate between the human soul & the human mind to distinguish between them.”

This highlights the successful outcome of the highly achievable triumph of the efforts of the nations diplomatic efforts & the people’s uprising calling for an end against the Syrian conflict that divides & splits identities of our own individuality of beliefs & causes chaos & confusion within our personality with conflicting inner & outter views of who is right? & who is wrong? as we begin to realize it is truthfully in our right to make the right choices & wrong choices make our rights of choice understandable.

Due to Syria’s powerful regional stability with nations & Syria’s ability to win an alliance of “support” for key regional stability its role of regional leadership within the middle east has been defined especially in reforming the israeli – palestine conflict in all diplomatic efforts of matters regarding political control over territory disputes & consolidating of opinion between all concerned within the region & international efforts in reforming changes & establishing peace, for the Mastery of the Syrian “key purpose” of the Syrian rise of powerful is key political reforms in the middle east that will unite or further divide aspects of the middle east & the Israeli – Palestine conflict & the shift in regional & international agendas towards this conflict.

We consider the regional relations of Syria with neighbouring nations such as the Iran – Syria relations is deepening ties in a variety of realms—strategic, political, economic, and cultural—attest to the growing strength of the alliance & its purpose.

Iran-Turkey-Syria axis relations also should be understood that it is Syria’s position of opportunity to gain regional strength & power, as most recently the Iraq – Syrian relationship is strengthening to emphasise Syria’s s diplomatic role in regional political change & rise to regional stability of powerful reforms.

That is to say Syria have the support of regional nations to do as a national regional power pleases that is within the boundaries of the current reforms that aid in & are against the occupation of the gaza territory by palestinians, therefore Syria is able to fulfill its mastery purpose on Syria’s agenda outlining regional power & control through Syria’s diplomatic ties & abilities with nations in voicing its support of a one state palestine & that of a divided one positioning itself in a path of a diplomatic reform of political changes within the conflict of the middle east between its neighbours & the west with the potential of re writing history.

– This is observed by the ongoing actions of the Syrian leadership in government & seems to be a strength of ties that will oppose with all seriousness & counter offensive tactics to any threats  made by the opposition rule & its proven failed international far cry’s for help are UNheard & UNnoticed almost as the United Nations peace process is threatened yet could never be undermined as long as Syria plays a key role in agreements with the united nations.  

“He has God on his side?” 

images (20)

 “God, Bashar and Syria!” As long As he is….,

“bringing us the peace of God, sent out from the heavens”

We observe the international peace treaty symbol of the white dove meanings include nuclear disarmament &  an alliance between the foreign affairs of Syria between nations & overhauls any intervention for resolution of dispute within Syria that are not instructed by dialogue of peaceful measures.

images (3)

This is clearly outlined by the Syrian government as quoted  throughout their negotiating role of diplomatic relationship certainty to have said, “We negotiate with the master, not with the slave,”.

Given also to the relations between Russian powerhouse of economic, political & military might of initiative of friendships between Russian & Syrian government’s & people against the unsteady at times diplomatic relationships that has seen conflicting actions & dialogue of arguably proposed sanctions against Syria’s protocol decisions overtime only to strengthen Syrian position of a highly authoritative leadership role in their key role of regional stability & political power with great understanding of the regional threats to its allies & global implications of such threats.

The symbolic of crafted metal army men figures of war that a child may be accustomed to, a reminder of historical values of the ongoing battle & triumph between the strategic alliances formed in the process of regional dialogue for Syria between the two great nations of common similarities in interest &  the nations world future direction with individual ambitious aside with the ability to work with others.

The olive branch was one of Christianity earliest signs of peace symbols baptizing  of the Syrian nations divinity of its holy spirit & secular rule intentions & therefore must be considered in depth  of the course it played out in shaping of Syrian history & rewriting global reactions.


The dove symbol has arose highlighting those attempting to rebel against god’s will that the united leadership of Syria very much sees himself as being part of a whole complete system that is self sustaining & protective of its survival by providing this bitter food in gods service to rebellions preventing conflicts rebellions that maintain a specific course in history to manipulate & control the willfulness of the truth of our very existence & threatening to execute the closely guarded secret of our truth that is found in our holy scriptures by destroying its very existence on earth & its hidden purpose of the truths it serves us in this consciousness state of awareness.

images (21)

Very much The Syrian President can be quoted in many areas to represent the image he continues to believe to see in himself of being able to uphold the nature of challenges Syria faces he has on many occasions claimed to have success in protecting  the course of history of Syria of its role in expansion of ideas symbolic of mankind’s true nature & his empire rule putting his differences aside  to vision the law of rules of mankind & distinguish his beliefs of faith in creation as two separate paths with one destiney practised in government systems to identify the core strengths of conflicting actions & decisions that willfully bring mankind to his knees as he fulfills his human obligation & responsibilities to creation & becomes a part of its true nature discerning facts that are believed to be about our survival & threats in society that can never justify any deeper meaning behind our extinction.

This has been reinforced by many religions as mankind’s responsibility to himself & his creation, as an alliance in the region of nations between the Syrian government’s role to act with dignity & uphold the Free Will Constitution of The Syrian Democracy a clear example of leadership in the region.

Sample of quoted dialogues in support of diplomatic stability are many i have included the following short list;

Syrian President Al-Assad – “Resolving the nuclear impasse with Iran is the biggest challenge this year in the Middle East, and that requires careful handling of not only Iran, but Russia and China.”

Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary of the Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin – “The Russian Leadership views President Bashar Al-Assad as the  legitimate president who is committed to preserving security and order in his country. President Al-Assad is looking after his citizens and assuming responsibility for ensuring general order in Syria.”

The Syrian government has had its demands met by the international community during this recalibration of views that has formed many ongoing alliances & revealed its enemies with many pro government advocates emphasizing a clear view of  opposing a heavy government separation of power & the elimination of the threat of any power causing conflicting to dismantle the Syrian government will not be resolved unless reforms are in place to unify the people & land consolidation begins. 

Those in power have remained in power for a duration of time during this conflict that has only strengthened their global position of regional importance & understanding.

The only weakness lies in the severity of losses of national human lives in the failed attempt to resolve conflict & re stabilise the stability of control, power & authority in Syrian rule.

Syria have well planned formation of their structure and alliance role within the region to support mankinds cause & purpose to prove the fundamental views of cooperation in creation to unify the nation once again as previously noted in our historic holy scriptures of peaceful outlines to our existence  between achieving the stability in the religious agreed truths of our nature.

Realizing this war cannot be opposed by an armed organization that can be formed in a violent nature to oppose our identity of peaceful nature which it has no willful right too make a decision on our secruial choices of the regime  within the quest of the Syrian people’s will for freedom & future religious democracy to reserve all land rights that are resolved between the understanding of disputed rights of diplomacy and therefore be divided equally according to beneficiary of the land who has most contributions to peace in the region & has the right to uphold any responsibility of sharing the wealth provided.


Its always been simply a revolutionary war from within the people of Syria because those individuals or civilians began to oppose a system that they only stopped benefiting from & couldn’t see benefit more from or provide benefits for the system therefore it threatened their survival at the expense of others including the regime & neighbouring nations. 

Value is recognized to be part of a collective social agenda or environmental aspects sustaining such agendas that recently excluded the government on many of their direct attempts of involvement in  local & regional affairs with implications that opposed  a change in government understanding of the human political standards of peaceful nature and lacked the cooperation and understanding by the authority to recognize that the required immediate change of human policy rights was to be addressed immediately due to the true nature of the opportunities that may have existed during the prior revolutionary reforms in the region  of Egypt, Tunisia & libya and the possibilities of the implications it had on human policy reforms for change.

Trade & economic reforms will remain at the top of the agenda for all governments in power & the reconstruction of those issues in toppled regimes setting clear examples of our potential for equal rights in a society that address those rights to unify our nations. 

An example used here will undermine a  farmer that wasn’t producing enough food produce according to the requirements & therefore he wasn’t economically benefiting from his produce by not meeting the market demand especially of regional export pressures of political reforms neglecting the local supply in return to try to cope with the regional demand and higher economic value of lower production rates.

Local currency devalues specially in the crude oil scenario where the government is the so called farmer not coping with their own reforms or export demand.


The economic & political orientation did not value the importance of being able to maintain regional demand & did not estimate export trade value accurately that saw losses in the local economy reforms were encouraged to export more production and there thereafter begin to supply local regions with neither markets sustained they quickly saw local currency value depreciate and stronger key trade agreements with Regional giants such as Iran, Turkey, China & Russia having greater implications of fulfilling the fears of government in power.

This caused a civil fury amongst the Syrian population over a duration of time that it took for ownership of the supply to observe price increases and therefore a monopoly competition began that couldn’t sustain enough wealth out of Syria’s, Egyptian, Tunisian  & libyan resources for our global demand in oil & clear access to the supply chain. 

This resulting in a collapsed system had observed the required change from the people & the government of complete and total recalibration of the system and the nations wealth resource utilization & distribution put in place by our global crisis. 

The alliance between the international community & pro syrian government forces has strengthened due to the formation of a rebelliousness namely the free Syrian army & its identity to support a combination of a new purpose reform for the individual social structure based on autocratic leadership roles & old reforms to maintain the authoritative power systems in place of hierarchy and its rule over society.

images (22)

 “individuals change the way we think”.

Separate yourself from a conflict you didn’t individually & influentially begin by the awareness of the days infectected  that you have lost what you have mastered &  learned to understand by your approach of how to influence the a conflict & not be influenced by this conflict? i.e your actions are worthy by you & not your reactions.

This eventually answers the key question of peace & those who oppose peace

1- why you are here during this conflict?

i.e.  are you in support of this conflict,

2- why you are in this conflict?

i.e. your purpose in this conflict.

This will no doubt define the nations role in the understanding of the conflict and therefore its ending.  

“Our Issues are in black or white, Our Attitude remains the same”,

– “I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die.”

To answer this two key questions on an individual level we must realize that this is shaping the Middle East far quicker than any other regional instability that will aid the future regional occupations & settlements for various reasons that could be explored & seen as dividing or unifying.

That could upset the predominantly dominant Arab World balance of regional stability to control the wealth of energy resources located in the gulf region & currently being exploited in central african regions to supply the global nations as new reforms will begin to split the rights to exploit new resourceful settlements and regions with a new ally of distribution networks of channels to sustain the majority of collective in the powerful notion of understanding whom realize our ability to sustain our existence will depend on this core structure and foundation that will potentially benefit the collective on an individual basis.


“Its Not the way we think of you, But what you think of us? Nobody can define our purpose and we choose to support you.”

The Mastery need for hierarchy systems on all levels of rule to cause the new formation of leadership roles that begin to outline and define an agreeable purpose in our current times voicing our peace in unity of the complete regime for its people to in support of preciseness of Mastery of humanity with earth to defeat its initial purpose of a succeeding role in combat between “the people of its people” to their priority in free will of dignity & open choice.

images (23)

“We should think together, as part of  this life”

So in other words people will work for your cause as long as they “support this cause” & “therefore work together” to achieve this cause and they will not question you or your leadership role as long as there is no unresolved conflict thats works towards the necessity of resolving conflict supportive of our experiences & understanding having prior knowledge such situation that will always be your given rights that you fight for instead of your will for the quest of new knowledge and new ways of resolving previously experienced conflicts.

A unknown resolution to the conflict will bring unexpected change & a greater challenge of managing political dilemmas of regional stability in greater ways. You will only then leave no stone unturned.

al-kibar3download (7)

What is the Mastery behind the support of this energy sector? or could it be such a highly prized asset to re-calibrate the middle east for greater reforms & foreign policies?

Have you heard of Potential occurrences of Uranium in the Middle East? are they notably high? or Undiscovered & Unknown? Is there much known about Uranium Ore Deposits & Potential Uranium supply? Technology is based on efficiency of energy & maximum achievable effectiveness at a particular point if we know a little about Uranium we should know that only such high demanding amounts of high energy potential can be only stored in uranium so high energy potentially may be achieved to exhaust our development of greater energy consumption rate then the present energy forms available for peaceful developmental uses.

Yet Storing such energy will therefore no doubt advance our core technologies & foundations of existence at a rapid rate opening the doors to many potentials of existence of energy & formations.

images (24)

“The truth is….. Uranium”

Will Syria LEED the role in regaining once again regional stability to oversee the biodiversity collection of Uranium resources supply between the middle east regions with important multinational delegation partners overseeing this process & newly created relationships potentially formed to be a fore runner of technology capabilities in designing the middle east Uranium extraction & supply route layout map for the rest of the worlds potential supply of its regional foundation for extraction purposes only.


A Person is Lost, when you tell him “his lost”, he will get angry & ask you suggest a solution for him to find his way out, If he see’s you lost too, he will follow you in anger & hatred until you are able to show him the path out.

This will therefore be resisted by many due to the uncertainty of  of the great risks involved in nuclear extraction and will therefore require a lot of patients in planning and securing a peaceful development plan of nuclear development.

You further ask “if he was lost? & that you could help him?” Did you think to tell him that actually you “were lost & if he could help you!?! ” Human instinct is to beat themselves up much more over a solution that they may have to be reassured that it is a peaceful resolution & this can only be achieved by considering our individual rights on a collective basis of unified purpose to this peaceful resourceful energy harvesting for our greater future needs.

To lead a religious War against the people rights of evolutionary development with complete peaceful actions is the most powerful notion in hierarchy movement to be able to achieve  a lifetime of historic elements that are taught to us and threaten our existence based on models of fear, chaos  blame, hatred, concern, blindness and death to establish one’s new true identity on a magnitude scale of new potentials of the role of nuclear energy to our evolution that must be done in peaceful nature due to the grate  dangers of implications to our well being and existence.

Weather its Power or Religion its time we stopped our religious War on People & let people wage War on their own religions by questioning the unthinkable to mankind & his/her own individuality of identity by asking the first question

“what if i didn’t exist what would the world mean to me?”

images (26)

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

To have peace at war is to find food for the hungry mind…,

To have peace at war is to have clean water to access for your thirsty soul…,

To have peace at war is to be at one with your mind in regards to the cause of human differences & conflict caused by War.

– Energy means war  if we don’t have the understanding  and simply dismantle the uses for our greater purpose of timely evolution on earth in continues judgment of one another; 

Bill Gates Explains  Energy


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