A Community of Strong Cultural Ties

Recently i have come across a website on a widely known & popular spiritually orientated blog &  forum throughout india attracting many of highly spiritual essence of blogger & forum discussions by those ranked by popularity of their knowledge & teachings strongly meeting the criteria relevant to their discussion topics.

Those of high popularity are considered to be mastery of the various beliefs of practice in a highly developed spiritually diverse region india that of knowledge & cultural emphasis of practices.

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A particular post that caught my attention, i decided to reply to the post, one of many replies amongst bloggers & blog followers who have also posted replies on this topic with great interest & popularity.

The simple question that this discussion includes is that it simply asks:

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Is it necessary to Marry………………..?????????? ??????

I found this question is asked by many & decided to include my response to this post on my own blog.

My response posted is a simplistic view & answer that open handedly reflects the very core contextual views of this blog of quantum thinking & is openly favourable to choices & opportunities available to individuals, this view is expressed as follows;

"Marriage is a metaphor for a commitment. A commitment can only be established when an agreement of mutual interests can be shared & divided equally between each other creating a bond of balanced emotional, spiritual, physical evolution to find an energetically favorable system in co creating understanding between your different realities & shared possibilities. It is a beautiful metaphor that gives birth to devotion of oneself for arguably a grander purpose with one another such as god, your mother or partner in marriage. The understanding of the potential energies that could form during a choice in marriage would be countless & limitless as to age of human history as two different aspect male / female became one in its greater shared possibility. Potentials of energies that have been experimented and known to the process of its formation that have been rigorously tested by every human emotion and action in marriage will give the opportunity to form a grander process in our evolutionary marriage strike out rate. Basically You Will Never Know Until You Do! :)"
You may wish to explore the popularity of different views of beliefs regarding this question of 1756 posts of which score 1032 Likes that are refered to date to this blog since this question has been asked by its blogger.
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I have visited this site Speaking Tree & others several times to associate & refer to some of the topics that have been drawing attention & popularity in discussions in our spiritually orientated realm.
I tend to respond to particular posts occasionally on this site to express different views in discussion on the topics presented for further expression & feedback.
All the extensive comments i have posted & post in response to posts may be found by clicking here.
You will find a few too many famous faces that voice their beliefs & opinions of various teachings & are recognized to have mastered the great elements these values of their teachings that they are committed to spiritually.
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Some recent topics that i found interesting & have responded to include:
– Habit of Forgetting.
– Earth the Soul Keeper.
– Divide Yourself.
– Do you belive in Miracles?
– Sooner or later you will believe in god.
– The Master Teacher.
– Can the limited know the unlimited?
– How to face rejection?
– Complaining, blaming shuts possibilities.
– Supreme is in the Now.
– Why the world needs more spiritual heroes?

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