Interest of Discussion Topic – Channelings

A Perception on channelings;

The channelers job is to channel information, which means to receive information through various or singular methods of channels, ways or techniques. Hence the commonly used terminology for the person who performs this activity is “a channeler” or other commonly used terminologies that you may come across & may differ slightly in their description & associations are mediumship, psychic, clairvoyant & a few others that will not be discussed here as they have no particular interest for the purpose of this article.

The information received in a channel by the channeler is then communicated to the person receiving the channeling from the channeler.

People receive channelings for many individual reasons that are usually based on their understanding and interpretation of the channeling process.

The person will usually anticipate & try to forecast information they will receive this will be based on their current individual needs & the perception of the value of the information they received will be based and influenced by their beliefs & environment. According to this perception a positive or negative reaction will be experienced.


Unfortunately a widely misunderstood & misinterpreted concept is formed around this subject due to the lack of a persons own understanding of the channeling process that is strongly associated & incorporated in individuals belief systems that may or may not conflict with the channeling results.

Emphasis is placed on that different individuals will vary in different degrees in the outcome of the emotional response they receive due to the channeling experiences during which either a positive or negative response will result.

Based on an individual’s perceived values of their current beliefs & the understanding of  beliefs, a comparison will be made with the channeled information value that is received & the perceived channeled method of the experience value.

The individual will then begin to build an association & therefore this association must be minimized as not to incorporate it into conflicting beliefs between the individual & the channeler.


I firmly believe any form of association with anything that might conflict with the individuals core substance of beliefs & would pose a threat to the individuals current formation of identity will result in incorrect judgment and therefore misunderstanding of this process.

My key concept of understanding of channeling is the person receiving the channeling should ultimately receive information & information only without the experience of how, where, why & for what this information was obtained.

As it is up to the individual receiving this information to evaluate & decide how this information is interpreted by them without conflicting influences according individuals different needs.

The channelers role is to encourage this process and minimize the influence of their own perceptions & even understanding through their own perceived values of the persons susceptibility to the information given & channeling method perceived during the experience.

Therefore the channelers experience of obtaining information during a channeling plays a pivotal role in ultimately shaping the reaction of the person to the channeling & therefore influencing the experience they obtain of having the information.

I will not go into the depth of how this role of responsibility should be carefully orchestrated by the channeler due to the sensitive nature of its resulting potential outcomes short & long term emotionally, physically, mentally & spirituality & the degree of its possible effect according to the potential of the information & its context of sensitivity.

The channeler has a responsibility of obtaining a means of providing an experience to obtain & selectively select the information to be communicated or channeled that can be somehow justifiable with the best means possible to fit the individuals acceptable norms even if it will have some conflicting views to validate the experience of a channeling safely.

This responsibility will perhaps encourage & challenge the channeler to explore more viable or comfortable means to their environment of the diversity & flexibility of their own beliefs & perceptions.

They will be able to quickly relate & adapt to the individuals needs, gain confidence & better means of understanding to access the selective information required.

Channeling will always lack in understanding of its true essence to be validated & recognized for its capabilities as its true nature can’t be validated due to the assumption that there always exists a visible element that is unknown to our reality & is always perceived as a fault due to the fact this element is usually considered not to be apart of our physical realities & current existence.

So we are unable to justify or physically verify the means of channeling that actually occurs or the scenario that it has occurred in to others.

Cultures that have adapted this technique within their own unique scenarios of understanding have no doubt benefited immensely from channeling on individual & collective basis from a scientific, social, cultural, spiritual & physical & other forms of understandings through this practise as many examples can be found.


The crucial element when adapting channeling to an individual or collective is not to dramatise or complicate the scenarios of the means that the channeled information is obtained & selected as discussed previously.

This must remain inconsiderate of the perceived belief in the truth or falseness of information of the created scenario & its validity to the channeler and must remain as part of the channelers experience for this process with ultimately infinite types of scenarios of adaptation at the channelers disposal anytime with always a responsibility to the individual & collective receiving the channeling of the sensitivity of the process according to the persons susceptibility.

This infinite choice of possible scenarios is available due to the unknown element that currently exists in this process, therefore the channeler must not limit themselves & their beliefs & therefore limit & conflict with others beliefs, & therefore always try & keep aspects of channeling simple to explore more infinite number of possibilities.

Therefore currently until proven otherwise there will not be 100% certainty of the truth or falseness of the argument on what channeling actually is? Does it exist? Yes, definitely, Does it work? Yes, Can anyone channel? Depends. These questions & answers are based on many aspect of the human and will not be discussed or explained in this article.

This is usually a personal individual choice to channel or receive a channel & hypothetical scenarios that suit the best given current environment may be created to fit any social structure and its acceptance of it.

An individual who has  not experienced to channel or developed the ability to channel themselves it is not in there position to create an argumentative valid point or debate the issue because they simply lack the experience of that understanding & knowledge to create a judgment on its position as with any discipline, they are however entitled to an opinion of course.


The debatable question in channeling in my view is it simply much easier to adapt channeling to a scenario of belief(s) according to direct needs & the infinite possibilities previously discussed or do we need to validate the unknown element of its existence in our realities? If so, what is the source of our information & can channeled information exist in our reality?

“I will say this also to conclude my observation is that in reality we are our source of information” i discuss information in slight detail in my recent post titled Purely Communicating Science.


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