Higher Evolution (How Will You Resonate?)

New Era

What do You Resonate With?


Increasing YouTube Spirituality New Era Popularity Searches have resulted vigorously in many voiced opinions regarding to many of the teachings of free spiritual evolutionary as the substance of all material uniformly is subjected to humanities self knowledge & understanding of the universe throughout the cause of history and its teachings of which many seem to have proclaimed a visualization of such information in the context of labeling it as channeled from greater sources of the mind or may be seen as an external source or entity in greater divine understanding that they may feel or not as being apart of or connected with that has become accessible to humanity as was previously accessible  to the very few highly evolved individuals who had confidence within themselves and of their self worth of such understanding who are today known as our great prophets whom some are namely known to many of us and others to the very few according to their accomplishments to fulfill their divine purpose.

Regardless of each individual’s self proclaimed divinity & understanding of fulfillment of their own evolutionary aspiration along side their free will choice of experiences and chosen lessons to proclaim such understanding of co creation and their individual divine relationships between each individual aspirations & the greater divinity of co creation of that source.

Please note this relationship is made known to each individual understanding of each personal individual relationship with their own aspirations of their evolutionary process according to their self beliefs & no attempt is made to question of its judgment of validity as its complete divinity is only known to the person(s) of the source of their free will choice.

Thus humanity continues to aspire to a greater individual quest of self belief & empowerment of the potential of possibilities of the ultimate quest of our human imagination & reality to fulfill ideally desirable purpose of divine self worth & acceptance in perfection of human creation in the godly image of creation.

After a long quest of YouTube research on the new era movement of ideology two video clips of preference have been chosen according to the the greater complete summary of understanding of that ideology and movement to proclaim and full its divinity as explained above that may be most valid to this ideology and beyond to fulfill the purpose that many of those results that fit such category of belief and understanding for empowerment.

The presentation of those two clips by the particular same author that have been chosen are the only available clips of such nature by the author that are available at this time however future publications are expected. The purpose of these clips and presentation of those clips is to diversify a greater understanding of individual views and acceptance of the nature of their evolutionary progress without judgment of the assumptions of greater or less personal individual aspirations for their divine quest to fulfill their desired purpose & the current desired state of being with respect to their responsibility & choice of free will as part of a collectiveness.


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