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Different facets of life;

By: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 

The ancient scriptures say that we are all floating like shells in a vast ocean of life. Even though everybody is born out of the same Consciousness, no two lives are the same. As diverse as our lives are, they are interdependent on each other and there is something to learn from everyone.

To get an all-round exposure to life, take out five days – not too many, just five days.

Spend one day – morning to evening, with a farmer. Go with him to the farm early morning and see whatever he does all day. You will become sensitive towards the environment, towards food. A third of the food in the world is wasted and thrown. Spending the day watching the farmer will let us know the hard work and resources that go into producing food and we will think twice before wasting it.

Spend one day in jail (but without committing a crime). You will realize that the people we label as criminals and put in prisons landed there due to circumstances, due to ignorance. When anger grips a person, they are not in control of their actions. If you ask the most hardened criminal, they will say, “I didn’t do it. Something came over me and it just happened.” It will become evident that inside every culprit there is a victim crying for help. Compassion will arise in your heart. If you have hatred in your heart towards anybody, that hatred will vanish.

On the third day, become a school teacher. You will understand why a guru is needed. Wherever you are in life, there are so many that you can help and guide. It brings a deep satisfaction within. It’s not that only those with long hair and beard can be gurus. Everybody can play the role for at least some people. You don’t really need a special skill to be a guru, you need compassion. Being a teacher, you can channel that compassion to people. “I want nothing but my student should progress.” Such unconditional love comes to our life.

Spend the fourth day in a mental institution. Whatever anybody in a mental hospital says to you, whatever names they call you, you won’t take it to heart. After spending a day when anybody can say anything to you, you will develop the strength to face criticism without being shaken. Not only will you be strong enough to accept all criticism, you will have compassion for those who criticize you. We get anxious over small matters. “What does he/she think about me?” We are shaken and then we react to these things. You should have the courage to give criticism and the courage to receive criticism as well. If we teach our children this, they will grow into strong and stable members of society.

Spend one day in the cemetery or funeral home. You will have a very close and intense experience of the impermanence of life. Whatever complaints you have will vanish. Having the experience that death can come anytime will change your perspective on life for good.

Just a formal education is not enough. It is important to explore different dimensions of life to get a holistic education. When we keenly see the different facets of life unfolding around us, it makes us centered and established in our Self.


By: Raman Hammam

The best lesson i can learn from this is to respect my choices in this life for out of all those possibilities in life, i have chosen mine with a great highlight of understanding these choices one day, my choices have been every second of my days having chosen them in this short lifetime would make them priceless to me & as seen by others. Others would see the wealth and knowing my possibilities through their own choices and vise versa. Always know who you are and that you have chosen to experience has put your creation in the point of perfection of its divinity. – for no one is left behind as the examples above are just invaluable to themselves as they are to you and vise versa with your choices. I see that we are all human who feel pain and love equally, one might be stabbed with a knife the other with a bullet of a gun it is pain we feel regardless of the experience of the way death by murder or victim has occurred for in the end it is death of pain and that understanding of you invaluable experiences i believe will help resurrect you if not painlessly and lovingly for like each droplet of water we are equal yet some parts choose to stay warm others cold some shallow others deep but we are equal in our strengths and the same in our existence.


By: Vincent Light House C


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Purity & Nature of Substances;

By: Raman Hammam 

Are all substance of nature pure? For my argument is our existence is in purity and divinity and that all of us and around us which is pure too. However we have classified many substances or elements as harmful and toxic or otherwise dangerous and life threatening. So how can we reach a consciousness state of mind of the realization of that everything is completely pure in its being with harmony of its true purpose of our universal being and our oneness to nature. Therefore in our complete state of being it is all within our divine purpose to recognize all divinity & what we have classified as toxins & poisons or dangerous elements. How can we begin to clear the separation of the current state of mind to recognize all levels of reality in divinity. “For if the fire burns, i shall become the fire itself.” Is it a karmic relationship that has to be cleared?? to achieve this relationship of creation & co creation or Is it a consciousness awareness of belief and understanding of true nature of oneness??. Maybe there is simply a strong correlation between both that has not been clearly understood?? by myself the very least. For therefore in my view there is no right or wrong to the free will formation, simply an understanding of the many aspects of energy formation & purpose. Therefore meaning what applies within our physical reality would be reflected in all our reality as part of this truth.


By: Sangameswaran Nurani

I am a beginner in these thoughts. So my perceptions may have limitations. Subject to this prefix, I may say that there is nothing pure or impure in nature. Everything has its purpose, about which we may not know. There is nothing in this Universe without a purpose. We have to view them holistically. Some toxins or poisons may be harmful to humans. But they may be required in nature for the purpose of something else. However, we cannot justify this reason to create more pollutants in Nature by our own doings. These are interference by us in the Law of Nature, which will have adverse effects. But Nature knows how to rectify it. But the process will be painful to us, the humans and other life forms. Ultimately, the Nature creates the balance. Please share your thoughts further


By: Raman Hammam

I agree totally, so how can we balance all that is one in nature and part of oneness that is a part of me.

I think maybe if we can reach a consciousness state of mind of thinking that has evolved as ‘of me’ instead of ‘for me’ we might be graduating many of the elements involved in nature to a higher consciousness state of being, as they will not cause an effect to oppose my reality but become part of my realization towards my reality and thus the opposing reality of that is not part of me or required to be. 

An Example: 

Has the water changed under the illusion of time to poison i.e pollution? Time is the illusion of change! on a deeper level i think with the understanding of time of our reality we have began to reverse this illusion through our current actions back to the natural state. 

As we ask ourselves, What has become of my opposing reality? the non existence of that will harm me through the creation of illusionary change of creation. 

So would this be true not only for water ? could in the same way time reverse the illusion of change to actually create change by opposing realities as i explained with water returning back to its natural state but with change the reverse is required as change is an illusion in purity :)? So we bring change into existence and therefore we begin to create time & distance. 

How do we reverse these effects?

What is the illusion of change in our time? it is seen everywhere this is growth hence we are infinite beings under the illusion we have changed, as change has always been “for us” but if change is “of us” we would only grow to change and not grow to realize change with this understanding of our limitation of infinite being i.e. Its like water that can be in solid, liquid or gas form this is change as oppose to the amounts of water that have been contained. 

So where did we go wrong? i think by changing consciousness and its form as this is the mechanics of what our existence truly is by having many different realities we begin to create distance and time to oppose the reality of the illusion of change and bring change into true existence. 

So if we can create illusions into our existance of creation by the realization they are apart of us not for us, we have ultimately broken the limitation that we see of infinity that i have imagined in this case that is we are unable to change and change is simply an illusion. 

So then it truly becomes a choice of free will of having the choice of water that i choose to pollute or not with the understanding that my actions will cause water to be a pollutant, or water to be pure without the illusion of its reality, simply its existence in my reality to achieve the conciseness i have created for it:) 

I hope i didn’t over complicate things but it can get messy for me when it comes to clearly dividing the thin line of illusion and reality and the choice of my creation possibilities in divine nature and thats why i asked this question here on the forum,


By: Sangameswaran Nurani

I think it is too easy to blend the concepts of purity and natural, but they are very different. Everything, from the smallest quanta of energy, to the most complex crystal has an inherent nature. Purity is a human term born of fear of deception, of doubt.

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The relationship between co-travellers;

By: Meena Om

A true master pours divine consciousness, light, power, purity and bliss into all who are receptive. This attempt to awaken other souls is akin to a lamp kindling other lamps. Such a person’s presence, influence and contact are equivalent to the merging of one soul into another soul. This state of assimilation can be reached even without the physical presence of the mentor, through dyan and silence. This is the true sign of a real master.

A true teacher, with all his/her physical and mental capacities will render full help to the pupil, in accordance with the pupil’s nature. He or she will never impose his/her teachings onto the student. The master just sows the seed, which will grow according to the divine nurturing from within. For such an enlightened master, all techniques are aids and not instant formulae for growth. These need to be taught accordingly. He fine-tunes the mechanism of the pupil to spontaneously receive all energies for growth. The true mentor is akin to a flowing stream of fresh water.

How much one drinks depends upon one’s capacity to receive. One should be in gratitude of the Supreme if one is in contact with such a highly evolved person. Similarly, the realized person should be grateful that there are some people open enough to realize and understand the value of truth. Together they should join hands as eternal friends, discarding all ignorance, questions, suspicion and duality to spread bliss.  They are co-travellers on the path of truth love karm and light.


Satyamev jayate…….Karm is Dharm……..Love never Fails


By: Raman Hammam

How does one move into their divinity that is outside their conciseness of current existing imagination? 

Would this give the soul reasoning for an infinite progress state of growth and presence of its purpose? 

How can we split our co creation & create a co travelers communication bridge that is splitting us apart and giving us the ability to travel freely within our times over the distances that have been chosen to part with and therefore communicate over. 

In essence co travelers might have to realize that co creations will never be apart and this is a blessing for we will always be family, brother & sisters never alone through the bridge of understanding we are able to communicate freely & this knowledge will be knowingly one between us and yet each may share their knowledge that has come to this knowing of All that is, 

Our bridge must remain (understanding) and only then we can freely communicate our knowingness as this knowledge becomes a form of communication blocks over the bridge between us that is a bridge of understanding serving our purpose of complete the true knowing of our freedom of creation together as one or apart standing on either end of the bridge of understanding. 

This may be seen as the illusion of self duality but i see it as the bridge of understanding of freedom that has never alluded our creations as our freedom has never alluded us to believe otherwise for it has been a willful choice for a very long time. 

Are we ready to define freedom? or are we still under its illusion of non existence? if so, how can we define freedom as proof of our eternal existence? We must accept our greater understanding of our reality, that is life without death, life is the eternity of our chosen will & the creation of it.

How did this discovery of will for life arrive from an all knowing complete system & for what purpose we are yet to understand 🙂 as well as the greater choices of will that are yet to be discovered such as if not life or death is there other options that we can begin to comprehend?

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Watch LIVE streaming from spiritual places;


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By: Raman Hammam

Look in nothingness and make something out of that. Can you imagine the power & love you shall have for that. Have we learnt nothing of all possible realities in existence of our imagination is greatly reflected in our now & therefore current physical reality. We have all the answers that can be imagined in our densest form of life for our greater knowledge & wholeness of our stairway to heaven for eternal life. For what is death without itself? it is not life it is the death of death, therefore we must simply realize we are alive and eternal beings at this complete realization of having something out of nothing of knowing our true self we are able to truly understand how to create out of nothingness, wouldn’t this be the greatest gift of life? require nothing have everything :)? This is my ultimate imagination of my current understanding.

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What is Peace?;

By: Chindhu Ravindran

We are all discussing a lot about peace. What actually is ‘peace’? Is it mere absence of war? Is it something idealistic and individualistic? Or is it dialectical and social?

Peace has a relationship to war only if it is karmic, i believe therefore there is no absence of war in a peace cycle of completion. 

For therefore a peaceful action will be reacted upon by a force or reaction in the form of declaration of war on peace. 

In karmic presence this reaction will be opposing to peace that is war.

However this is determined by the understanding of the purpose of peace creation &/or co creation foundation of its being by our understanding of our idealistic, social and individualistic formation of our collectiveness divine oneness & purity that in its wholeness would create peace in the absence of karma & therefore War.. 

This serves as a strong purpose to raise our vibrations together and help all those around us to raise theirs too, shining through the strongest element i believe that can be achieved in love to help our divine realization of peacefulness nature of coexistence.

This element is compassion taught widely by our greatest mastery ultimately will aid us to cocreate creations in pure divine nature with our complete understanding according to any individual aspiration of our chosen complete oneness state of being at the time and collectively or our chosen collectiveness will maintain great divinity in individuality and our understanding of knowledge that karmic experience has contributed to each new chosen cycle of life on ALL Levels of this knowledge. 

For there will always be karma but karma will not be known as what we know it today rather than a reaction of force to oppose an energy of disbalance for balance it may be an reaction of force to oppose the energy of disbalance for energy void that is replaced by the creation of complete new energy. 

The role of communication or dialectical aims would simply help communicate purpose i.e our understanding to achieve our complete wholeness of divinity and our possibilities as we have willfully chosen on ALL Levels. 🙂

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