What is Reality? Part 2 – Conciousness vs Energy

What is Reality? Part 2 – Consciousness vs Energy

This is a continuation on a previous publication post asking & discussing What Is Reality?


This article publication explores the concept further as mentioned we briefly examine the concept of;

Is consciousness just an energy or more than that?

The basic most simplified definition found of energy incorporates the strength & vitality to sustain any physical or mental formation or activity occurring within matter. This implies the soul or consciousness is able to function the very least on a physical or mental formation in the present moment due to the strength & vitality present availability of energy. 


Up to this point Energy & Consciousness do not differ & therefore carry the same function in any given moment stimulating the physical or mental formation or activity resulting in experience of the current moment. This suggests that consciousness is made up of present energy blocks used to develop an experience. This experience must be communicated by information between all matter or energy blocks individually & collectively resulting in the movement of energy or consciousness. 


So is energy consciousness? Yes apart of it the very least, yet energy is broken down into 3 key factors resulting in the formation of consciousness that includes Communication of information via Energy Movement of consciousness.   

So Consciousness it is really a applied form of energy that includes The Movement of Energy molecules & Communicating Energy Blocks Vibrations. Having said this a energy harvesting process may begin to occur by movement along energy vibrations result in a greater awareness of Consciousness functionality in a favorable life force energetic manner. 


In spiritual practice this may be closely refereed to as The Life Force energy





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