What is Reality?

We live in the past or future, present is not present.


How do we define reality? this applies to any given moment in time that presents itself in the future manifestation, or more commonly dwells on the past & so be it Our in the now moment is created.

ImageMy argument states that our present moment of existence gives birth to our reality in doing so due to our consciousness awareness & its various states in the present moment usually imposed by our faith & spirituality journey of our experience in the material dense matter realities of various multi-dimensions sought after in our choices.


An integral part of faith knowingly constituting our spiritual model or consciousness structure with the relevant experience or matter associated with our present reality gives us the power to create our moment individually or collectively by choice of experience.



This can be basically simplified & understood into two aspects 1- the soul & 2- experience. The journey of the soul is always related to experience. Therefore in many ways of thinking and living we have always been told to live in our present by linking our present experience with our soul consciousness or mind awareness & development.


These realities may be perceived in many different ways by the soul experiencing a particular moment and the choices it has made. To be in the present fully absorbed & enriched by the collective soul experience and increased observational interactions of understanding the soul journeys choice of experience. We must realize the now moment implying no past or future in our now moment that can easily be visualized by realizing we have no beginning of a present moment that can only mean to be an eternal evolution of the souls & the experience of such a journey. 


Is consciousness just an energy or more than that?


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