Life Before Birth

I regularly visit Spiritual Tree India an online spiritual community with many available spiritual & life’s discussions on blogs,forums, articles and even videos presenting a broad range of perspectives on issues by guru’s and the audience either among-est themselves or with more aware spiritual intellects who may or may not provide reasonable explanations or present various challenging discussions. Below is material from the websites blog posts of a questionable open ended statement seeking to discover or rediscover our existence. I found this material interestingly enough to respond via comments on this Spiritual Tree India blog to the author with my own intake or perspective on this subject matter. The following material was introduced by the author of the blog;


After we die on Earth, we (i.e. our respective subtle bodies) go to one of the various subtle regions of the Universe depending on our spiritual level and our merits and sins. Life on the Earth region is of great importance as it is the only plane where people from the lower regions can be born to do spiritual practice, complete their give-and-take account (karma) and get outside the cycle of birth and death to achieve permanent Blissful existence.

My Response post was as follows to the comments made above;

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Permanent Blissful existence without participation in a cycle of life, death & rebirth sounds great.

Always Happy, Understanding, Loving and Incomplete bliss. The road to this journey i believe can take you down many paths of understanding of bliss according to your then dimensional orientation & the understanding you have achieved regarding your own purpose in creation for universal creation laws being open to providing insightful Tools of co-creation will only then begin to apply.

I am therefore a firm believer of seeking out my needed & wanted purpose of my soul to have made the decision to complete this journey. Isn’t this the philosophy we all obey by to attain our purpose in creation and nothing else to be able to co-create with creation a more loving and blissful experience in the future.

So How do we find our purpose in this universe?

I think it boils down to two issues Who do you give birth to daily? Life creations meaning yourself and your co-creators who are birthed and live through you. Secondly What do you do with life of creation? You either co-create life to give you the blissfulness having the knowledge of such a mechanism function of conciseness or you accept the death of such what is termed to be silenced of this life-force that has been birthed to co-create a better understanding towards future opportunities in co-creation.

How long does the cycle of silent understanding of the given life force & the bliss will depend on human choice of the operating free will to adapt its own will towards a greater co creation Almighty powerful will as it comes to term with the concept of life.

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What does it mean to live and be alive in today’s social norm? We have co created many foundations of life reaching its purpose simplified or complex it gives us current choice & makes us human.

You may agree or disagree with what i have outlined or may simply add to this content i hope my view is clear & realistic in its reasoning.

I will update any user comments received on spiritual tree India website regarding this section & include them in this section as part of discussions.

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