Polarity Spark – Bi Polarity – Part 1/2/3

Bi Polarity Part 1 – Shift of The Complete Thought to Your Presence Moment of Understanding

This is a 3 series or 3 part publication of Bi Polarity Type 2, This Part 1 will focus on Communication of the brain with thought patterns of training that goes beyond the brain frequency nerve synapse to formulate recognition among est signals but to also have a greater purpose to each signal of thought outside the brain residing within the soul;

Thought patterns of the mind can be observed or can be assumed to take up a more higher & favorable vibration energetic frequency in third dimensional energetic field & increase this dimensional field yet being rooted & Carved within the 3D boundaries of dimension. The many recreational thoughts of creation that occur of the vibration frequency of energy will always have a competing thought form as or an against negative or lower vibrations fields to remain balanced in a highly satisfactory vibration level of thought form & the positive euphoric formation of energy vibration of positive balance & energetically favorable systems of function.

Profound Vibration Understanding & the Deeper inner & external Knowings of higher vibration energies on different planes will increase in energy as the Law of attraction presents itself. On a higher vibration planes includes great clear building blocks of communication that begin with thoughts & ends with the complete understanding of the way the thoughts work as a mechanism & manipulate each others agenda to achieve the opposite of each others fulfillment & this will only improve the function of vibration & communication together to always re assure each active force remains active & full of purpose this encompasses you as being the key ingredient of communication & even thought patterns or thinking connect on a greater level of understanding there is no resistance between the indifference of thinking patterns.

This part examined the building blocks of energy is thought that residues on different vibration level & communication unveils the purpose of each thought that is recognized & celebrated on its frequency level of vibration. Shifting The thought of its purpose in nature will always attract an opposing thought in nature  that attracts the two thoughts together & are vibration ally attuned to help the brain and mind understand the function of thought. Thought is the common error in Bi – Polarity Type 2 due to the lack of understanding of the nature of thoughts & purpose and therefore the process of synthesizing it in the mind.  Bi Polarity Part 2 – Explains what happens when 2 thoughts are not vibration ally attuned or connected but yet communicate with one or the other.

The Challenge we tried to answer & explain resonates with Dimensional vibration of high frequency or positive state of mind, body & emotions, How can this be effective communication of oneness and wholeness of one self be done or achieved.

Formation & Vibration

“Incorporating Spirituality with the mind communicating mind of eternal & external bliss” 

Using The language of frequencies or vibrations to find form that is communicated in perfection.

Beyond Reason is a film that uses the Modern Scientific Method to examine the Modern Scientific Method. Our intellects are bound by our perceptions and what we perceive is limited by our five senses. From what we’ve learned though modern physics, what we perceive through our five senses is more unreal than it is real which means our intellects can only get us so far. To get to the Truth, we need to go Beyond Reason.

See all three of Frank Huguenard’s Films at http://www.beyondmefilm.com


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