Islam on Green Issues Part 3 of 3: Islam & Environmental Protection

Islam on Green Issues Final Part 3 of 3;

Part 3: Islam & Environmental Protection


Protection of the environment is an important aspect of Islam. Since we are the successors in the earth, it is incumbent on us as Muslims to care for the environment , there is a specific purpose behind the existence of different types , whether plants or animals . So Muslims should think about the relationship between organisms and their environment and maintaining the ecological balance that God created Protecting the environment is essential to Islamic beliefs , and human resources have a responsibility to ensure the safe preservation of environment.

Environmental protection and resource conservation


Islamic perspective on environmental protection reflects a positive image of Islam and how it embraces every issue facing human beings on the face of the earth . Islamic attitude towards the environment and conservation of natural resources depends not only on the prohibition of excessive exploitation but also on sustainable development , the Quran says :

It ٱلذى made ​​you Khaliv the earth , and lifting one another over some traditionally Might in what Ouatykm to Lord fast ٱلعقاب and he is Forgiving, Merciful Sura 6:165

Built Adam Take Look at every mosque and eat and ٱشربوا the waste not by excess , he does not like ٱlmosrovin Sura 7:31

Encouraged the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him tree planting and agriculture , which is the reason for the gain . This is illustrated in the following chatter Narrated Anas bin Malik , may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him , said : ” There is no Muslim instills Garcia or planting implants eats it a bird or a human being or an animal , but has had a charity ”


Islam is against cutting or destruction of plants and trees unnecessarily, as is evident in the modern follows: Abdullah bin Habashi that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, ” pieces of Sidra towards God head in the fire ,” narrated by Abu Dawud and lotus trees grow in the desert and needs it is largely in the area a few vegetation. The destruction caused by deforestation in many countries, causing soil erosion and the killing of the Earth ‘s biodiversity .

Show the versatility of the path of Islam in the use of natural resources , all human beings as well as animals and wildlife have the right to share the resources of the earth . And prohibits any abuse of resources in terms of doctrinal principle that says ” what led to the haram is haram .”

When he went to Abu Musa Ash’ari may Allah be pleased with him to Basra Kwale speeches in people that ” faithful Omar sent me to you, inform you about your book , and your Prophet , and the cleanest you your ways, ” narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah ( peace be upon him ) forbade urinating man in the source water or on the road or under or in the crawlspace. These values ​​Tzarahtmam the Islam to avoid contamination of vital resources and the importance of hygiene .

Environmental awareness;


There are different ways you can raise environmental awareness in personal and professional circles . The proliferation of social networks among the younger generation makes it easy to promote environmental awareness using Facebook , Twitter and others. There is a simple and effective method used is to use QR codes QR Code on the campus.

And another great idea to start your campaign in school, college or the workplace to plant trees. Can encourage students and faculty members and co-workers to donate a nominal amount of money for campaign agriculture. Vzra plants around your school or home or place of work is not only an aesthetic appearance but also provides you with a healthy environment and improve indoor air quality . Narrated Jabir may Allah be pleased with him , that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him , said : ” There is no Muslim instills Garcia , but it was what to eat from his charity, and stole from his charity, and eat the seven it is a charity, and ate the bird is a charity, Make no Arzah , but it was his charity ”



Environmental awareness and protection of natural resources is an integral part of Islamic beliefs . Successors to God on this earth , we must take advantage of the natural resources in a sustainable manner to ensure the continued Ataollah us. And beautifully illustrated the principle of maintaining the rule that says that when ablution should not نسرف the water if we were running river . As human beings , we are custodians of all creation , including soil , air, water , animals and trees. Of the main objectives of the teachings of the Islamic religion and the year the Prophet ( peace be upon him ) building and maintaining a clean and healthy environment free from any source of pollution and misuse.

*The following original article may be viewed in Arabic & was translated in this post from its original Arabic format to English. To view the Arabic original version click here. The original source of this article is the Eco MENA website. This is the end of a 3 part series that looked at Islam & Green issues of sustainability taught by faith. 

Please leave your comments & suggestions if you would like further informative publications & posts to be added on discussions on topics related to Islam & environmental protection & care.

For further information on Islamic movement towards issues requiring attention & aid, we recommend you visit Islamic Relief Worldwide website for further informative topics & actions by an Islamic faith based movement and protection agency.


 Website Suggested & Recommended Islamic Relief Worldwide Article Download  that discusses the key recommendations of the easing of the suffering of Syrian people. Image

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