How do you understand peace?

The differences between many of mankind’s religions & scriptures has always plagued our world with much physical & mental illness & madness, non the less ongoing traumatizing conflicting wars of injustice ideas & opinions causing us to experience severe loss & grief, there is no escape from the faith of terminal disease the greatest substance to cause much suffering & pain by which all nations are plagued by death or mortality. This injustice caused by the indifference of faith & belief of lack to be understanding of the souls creation and its place in the presence of experience in its moment is a great barrier imposed upon us all collectively towards our set human evolution goals and pathway of which the soul has come to attain knowledge and therefore receive wisdom from a reality that is spiritually knowing, physically alive, attained its soul greatness by becoming spiritually righteous or divine in nature within the selfless thought formation of our individual faiths and beliefs. This is clear in the journey of ones destiny that he / she will travel & eventually the belief that must come to term is to begin to higher consciousness understand our individual & collective core values of the teachings that have present themselves in this lifetime within the similarities of the known common truths & help us recognize the others of collectivizes of beliefs & values that pose indifference in truth and no longer serves us in truth so we can begin to seek higher enlightenment of that understanding of faith & belief.


“Expand Your Sight, & Explore Your Journey”

My message is quiet simple to understand, i argue that we are all in the formation or presence of a higher consciousness & therefore the creation of it now the greater truth is always present in the moment, therefore we should build our understandings based on life & its pathway or journey and purpose, to continue on our enlightened path we recognize our truths & therefore we should all be celebrating such known truths of experience to be attained through life, this set of laws of attraction are examined & commonly understood between our set of beliefs and moral values that we always record in time i.e religion, & any differences that lack the understanding to enlighten our souls are overcome by new truths of understanding that do not replace the old paradigm but shift the thinking of our godly soul to experience greater truths within our scope of souls readiness of attainable enlightenment.


Who are You?

In practical terms this scenario of understanding should resolve religious conflict between two souls with indifference of opinion due to faith & the lack of understanding its truth. So we must seek the approach of agreeing not only you are wrong in your set core beliefs of understanding but we are all wrong so i am wrong two & may we pray together to find new truths that will strengthen our understanding in prayer of each other. So if i see something wrong in an individual there is also something wrong in my own intellect to be in realization of the wrong in the individual so this energy is then shifted through thought or even prayer and i notice truths about the individual that he too shall not deny. Strengthen the core truth between our ideologies that we seek out through prayer as truth between us or of us.


“To Pray is to communicate understanding”

This topic frustrates me allot especially when i see religious clerks or leaders from all religions preach their understanding in anger or haltered i.e the lack of understanding is preached instead when really there should be an honest approach of truth, an approach of truth that only seeks to understand and change the greatness of the understanding of the truth of the current knowledge & having the completeness & wholeness of that truth of divinity is what we seek, however if my understanding is incomplete & not of truth or certain knowledge towards a certain issue or individual or collective i simply seek not to understand it for it isn’t the truth that seeks me as the truth will not reject me that i seek. This truth i seek may change shape & form yet when it no longer serves me it becomes certain that i begin to seek more truths of pathways to the soul journey continues towards what the spirit ideally understands.


Where did you find your growth?

The key core values that will minimize indifference are  3 key questions that our soul asks!?! 1- Where will You find Peace? 2- Where is the divine consciousness? 3-What have i done wrong? Is it so different to my faith, that it questions my belief? Having the enlightened knowledge to those 3 questions i believe will shift our connection & energies as a collective to a level of understanding where indifference are not seen  as rights or wrongs but are understood in ways that we are similar of the single truth bestowed upon mankind the word of god or the higher consciousness of the divine & may peace be upon you.


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