Food For Thought “Big Bang Theory”

Big Bang Question, Not A Religious Post. 

This is an extract of An Engineering Scientific questioning & discussion format of an overview of the big bang engineering ideology.

The key questions & assumptions that are being made and that are being asked by the engineering scientific online community in relation to the big bang theory include;

Big Bang Questions 

In the beginning was nothing and it exploded.

1. What existed one second before the big bang? was it nothing?

2. Why did nothing explode?

3. Where did all the matter in the universe come from? an explosion?

4. Did this matter exist before it exploded?

5. If so, then the big bang was not the beginning of the universe, but the beginning of a different universe format?

Therefore The Big Bang theory is an explanation of the beginning of the universe or is it rather an explanation of the format of the universe of its composition & functionality that has resulted today.

“Our current presence of life” – What is our direction of science?. 

I personally think how you interpret the big bang theory will be influenced and will impact the way you think of the truthfulness of your thoughtfulness pattern of your own thoughts & the physical factual evidence presented within your truth to you and thus the basis of your format of visual & actual evidence within your present surroundings.

“If we reduce human history to 24 hours, there has been more change in the final thirty seconds than the previous 23 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds.”

Depending how you perceive this trail of thought of the statement quoted above to be true to yourself, it will commonly known to be directly related to the extent of your own beliefs and truth of the big bang theory.

Taking the past, present & future moment into consideration it will always remain true if the impact of change in mans history has & remains to be experienced a;ways within the present moment of time with the past & future moments of life being separated from the experience of the current moment.

Therefore in simply words the more faith or belief of the any given universal moment of truth & its existence of your experience presented in our current moment is always possible regardless of any of your past or future tense of experience that has no impact on our current present existence.

To explain the big bang theory scientifically we look at the laws of physics (thermodynamics) , including the string theory to help explain some perceptions,  I have included 2 videos to help summarize the theory.

Big Bang Theory; 

Recomended; String Theory; Big Bang

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