The Light VS Dark Matter

Dedicated Pathway Of Enlightenment

Its Meaning

What Is Your Destiny? 


O, my Teacher ! O, my Soul !

Matter is urgent ,  show me THE GOAL.

‘Can’t enjoy any more an ‘ever changing goal’.

May my judgments be subtle.

May i forever be truthful.

Guide me please in the path of Truth;

Help me, showing the Evolutionary GOAL.

O, my Atomic Consciousness !

Reveal to me your effulgence.

The radiance and also the brilliance,

which Enlivens the head and heart.

Make my mind ‘agitation-free’ ;

Let it be always ‘passion-free’.

Passion is the dirt, very ugly….

Treat this as URGENT please

and make me FREE !


Effulgence explained as a very interesting term that is not commonly used by many even guru’s themselves nor by thoughtful actions to even live by the term that is which defined simply as “A brilliant radiance.” So therefore we learn to shine our light for the freedom of darkness to all that is consumed by the energy of the bright shining white light. This displacement or Conquering of darkness gives you the freedom of the right to positively felt emotions existent in your heart with all its glory and expression. Is dark matter simply displaced into exploring new territory adding to the value of man kinds evolutionary understanding or has it been absorbed by the thoughtful polarities of the light that cause new formation of dark matter and cause it to behave in alternative ways reflecting our teachings of its lessons brought forth. In either case newly existing co-creation energy formation of the light shining the newly experienced ground breaking evolutionary soul ascending its pure white light into the descending darkness occurs.


The attraction between light and dark is the basis of coexistence and the separation between them gives birth to life. Therefore we should value darkness and the universal role of contribution it has and we should see it as the birthing of light and not merely a reflection of the different behavior attitudes and roles that are at play. Do we need to justify darkness? no just recognize our part in separation and explanation of our formation of light caused by the separation of darkness. Therefore we live in a world of harmony were light matter has an applicable law call to action of creation in darkness of its separation. The experience of light is felt by the output energy of light and vise verses for the darkness. This is our law of attraction and its eternal presence and growth by the recognition of the darkness or the vast space of expansion and separation available for the universal soul to explore and define by the light energy participating in creation. We can never justify evil through our light, we can only recognize its opportunity for us to begin to separate our formation and co create our ascended matter for life to beheld that of life with death being the empty space that of our souls journey and the exploration of our chosen light path ways.


The following extract above was taken from a blog post on Speaking Tree India Web site under the sites category of philosophy Titled “I Want Freedom” Visit The blog original publication source by clicking here. The blog post was slightly modified and a response overview comment was added to the narration of this post. Engage in comments on this web site or visit Spiritual Tree India blog click here  or image below for further related feedback & comments.

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2 responses to “The Light VS Dark Matter

  1. ” The attraction between light and dark is the basis of coexistence and the separation between them gives birth to life.”……..

    The sun does not know what light is! (i am personifying the SUN for the purpose understanding).

    When asked, :What is Darkness”?
    Sun has to answer, “Not known”.

    What is light?
    The SUN has to say… Not Known !

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