Evolutionary Growth & The Choice of The Ascension Journey

Ascension of Matter

The following publication will attempt to briefly cover the explanation and understanding of the human soul ascension reality by outlining  and providing a detailing overview of what is partly become known as a prerequisite of our Human Evolution or otherwise known as the path to enlightenment or achieved by attaining the truth and knowledge of the universal wisdom of our souls journey & purpose and therefore the understanding that is observed becomes a reflection of our oneness and our unification of the complete existence of our being in our wholeness state as observed in our experience of earthly desires that have shaped our lifetime of beliefs & core values that are seen to be understood from an awareness to the degree of multidimensional perception or reality experience according to our souls choice of approach to undertake the path in the direction of complete human Ascension.

“Our realities are connected to source,

the multidimensional motor is our higher self. “

Your Reality will always co exist with many others, however the bridge of experiences & understanding our realities will always be equally reflected in our own understanding of our soul evolution, as these multi dimensional realities of experience will begin to perceive our degree of higher self of awareness. 

We humans currently most of our beings that undergo experiences in our physical realm mostly reside in the 3D dimensional reality plane. To our knowledge we hope that the evolution of this current plane will residue in other dimensional planes within our near soul future of goals to reach of our existence such that us humans are to begin acquiring evolutionary growth by accessing multi dimensional realities then the realized truths become in open communication avenues of variation of methods or channels increasing the efficiency of experiencing purity of existence such as an example telepathy that reside in old pattern behavior is understood to be used to explain the truth of our existence & shifting towards our greater format of sustainability of reaching new potentials that are currently in existence of the experience of the dimensional shift of consciousness with the awareness on  the current plane of ascended dimension directed towards the experience of other reality dimensional forms and shifts of existence.

“Multidimensional Co existence of realities”

Part of all the potential equal multidimensional realities that are a projection of matter co creating to finitely coexist within the reflection of our own projection of the many mirrored infinite choices of realities to experience that are all with the power of choosing a reality of the souls destiny.  

In any dimensional shift factors of the present, past & future are realized at a greater extent of our knowledge to understanding and accessing abilities of our true higher self’s or namely also known as the god particle this is second nature of our understanding. Time has no barrier in our existence of alternative dimensional realities and  therefore the realization of our being aspect is brought forward by our minds in communication of our newly active five preceptor functions of systems that begin the coordination that is advanced on time and distance and always present in any given moment of experience with further additional newly dimensional gathered intelligence of universal truth in collective and individual format that contributes and becomes realized in our enhanced reality.

“Our soul reality of multidimensional perspectives of the higher self experience”

Shifting our  1D dimensional illusion acquiring towards the downloading of our souls infinite perception of experience by creating destiny. 

Enlightened or highly evolved advanced souls may either claim or are part of the co existence of realities including experiencing the interactions that are combinations within our reality & possibility of realities as part of the higher dimensions of shifting realities and that they are known to interact with our higher self or subconsciousness of awareness in various degrees in those current evolutionary developed forms of existence and dimensions of realities even though our own individual reality of perception opposing enlightened of evolved souls remains in the 3D dimensional of our reality of consciousness, yet the collective consciousness is always accessible and functions  on all dimensional planes hence with our collective & individual higher self experiences varying accordingly in all the soul developed realities progressing towards  the possibility of higher attainment of the existence of our higher self.

Overview & Guidance


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