A Child’s Creation “Blossom forest”

– “The following is a short story portraying and capturing the creativity imagination of a  11 year child that wrote this story.”

Blossom forest

Chapter 1

A young girl named Vivien lived in China. One day she went to the forest for her usual daily walk, she saw the beautiful flowers sparkling in the sunlight, then saw a black flower amongst all the other flowers from the corner of her eye. She picked it up and the ground started shaking and spinning, she fell to the ground unconscious.

When she finally woke up she found herself in a bubble full of pink flowers. She walked around but could not find a way out but she found food and water. Then she found a bottle with a message in it. She carefully took the cap off and read the message.

If you want to get out meet me at the log at 12pm.’ she looked at her watch, it was 12pm. She saw a gigantic log in front of her. Suddenly a man emerged from the bush “Hi I’m Todd and who are you, might I ask? “ “My name is Vivien“ replied Vivien. “I know a way out” said Todd. He had a pouch around his neck, where he took out a map. “Here is a map. We need to find the fumes flower to get out, it’s’ green with pink spots on it. It’s found on the south side of this dome.” said Todd

They walked for miles, they only stopped to eat, drink and sleep. “This is hopeless how much longer?” exclaimed
Vivien .

Back in the village her mother called and called for her. There where search parties everywhere but there was no sign of Vivien. Her mother and father were very anxious and worried. It had been 1 week they were losing hope of finding her.

-“In the dome”

Chapter 2

Vivien and Todd sat down to eat “these are the best berries I have ever eaten!” said Vivien “ hey that bird looks like it wants something from us” they both turned and there was a bird. It flew down and started pecking at Todd’s arm “I think it’s telling us something, lets follow it.” The bird nodded and flew off. They started walking.

It grew darker by the second, at last they came and there it was, the fumus flower, then a gush of wind gushed past. It started to snow the air was thin then Vivien felt cold icy fingers running down her back. A woman appeared and took the fumus flower and flew off “who was that” asked Vivien “that was Lee, Fing Lee she will do anything to keep us from that flower.” As she heard the name Fing Lee she shivered with the thought. “We must go to her castle you see I have a potion we can use.”

Chapter 3

When they got to Fing Lee’s castle Todd took out the potion. They searched and looked in every room then at last they came to the garden. She sat by the river holding the flower unaware of Vivien and Todd. Without any thought Todd took the potion and poured it over her, she melted away slowly screaming. Vivien snatched the flower then found herself with T odd “mamma” yelled Vivien “ Vivien I have been worried sick about you” shouted her mum. They hugged, Todd smiled a gentle smile and walked away never to be seen again.

Every day she went back to the woods but she never saw Todd again. She would always think about him and about what a kind man he was and their adventure together. Then she would think about Fing Lee, the name still gave her a shiver. At last she would take out the fumus flower that she kept in her pouch and hoped that she would see Todd again.

-“The End.”


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