The Science of Chocolate

The Science of Chocolate 

OK, so you’ve spent the last week stuffing your face with the stuff, so now how about learning about it, too?

In this video, the Science Show explains everything you need to know about chocolate.

“From where it comes from, though what its active ingredient is, to how it works, he explains it all. Including the difference between chocolate, cocoa, cacao and coca. Which, who knew? ”

Chocolate Fact or Fiction #1: There are psychedelic drugs in chocolate. Chocolate contains phenethylamine, a stimulant and hallucinogenic compound, but it is at such low levels that it won’t cause noticeable effects.

Chocolate Fact or Fiction #2: Much chocolate is picked by slave and child labor considering the region of the world the chocolate comes from. Something that I would like to have seen mentioned in the video.

“The Science of Chocolate”


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