My Image! Realizing Emptiness…!

My Image! Realizing Emptiness...!

Tell me what has been realized? of that, What has been formed? by your inner mind & soul, Now think It, Now that it has been thought of and been created from the many visualizations of choice & deep heartfelt perceptions, Will that ever have been given birth within your co existence? If it could be never imagined!. So wise up & look to your past, build your present moment & see the future all in one place. By Imagining it all! & Now imagine all of it to be nothing! Tell me! What has been left behind? Has it never been told to come forth in your life? Or will it ever be that becomes that which will be reduced too cease everywhere in return of to which it begins to portrait your emptiness that which is now known in your existent. How would you describe emptiness? Whatever it means to you even if it means the very notion of nothingness, how can you relate to it? Bring it forth & realize it all as the shift of realizing emptiness is captured right here.


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