Ascension, Where do you go from here?

Examining today’s human ascension which is clearly defined by the individuality of rights & actions of the collectiveness creations possibly the structure of the great source of the human potential & no doubt is the promise of the decent of consciousness into the many walk way’s of choice of experience & knowledge once again the realization of the open of the many doorways of possibilities of realities that in existence are applied, & promising the outcome of the formation of a greater enlightenment & evolutionary success within the alignment of a grander & greater reality of experience in which mankind has begun participating in.

Within the experience of its being of reality the consciousness is cohering to an alignment of 2,3,4,5 dimensional perceptions of realty & beyond.

It is merely and simply defined by the process as a grand human perception of the imagination of the role of co creation imposed by the surrounding environment which will makeup the many unconditional traits of mankind & emotional body substances issued and released or that are expressed & influenced by each of the individual standards of living in duality to the reality of ones beliefs & faith.

That which are part of the composition of the multitude of the many different visions of  multidimensional realities will be conforming to the co existing of thought formation of creation of life, this ultimately may be adhering to the altitude & the magnitude of distinguishing parallel dimensions and the foundation providing of the basic human knowledge  & performance.


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