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What is the single most revealing thing about any person?

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Not something they can tell you, something you can observe.


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Find Your Soul, Find Your Sport

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Follow my response in Blog Discussion to Becky’s Lee’s Post Step by Step Comments & Responses by all bloggers, Becky and Myself. Over 71 Comments available in response to current topics with my initial response to post and understanding or perception on the topic is made available here and is introduced as follows; I hope this comment holds insights for the user or reader on observing very much their own behavioral patterns and physiological response towards gaining a greater understanding of their possible outcome of reactions and the impacts adhered to by the reader in this possible scenario.

Bridge The Understanding in Life & Create Your Link of Knowledge Defining Who You Are & What Is Of You Or Found Not Of You. “Make It Happen Bridge The Chain Of Your Broken Link”.

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After carefully reading the introduced topic post by Becky and exploring and observing some of the bloggers and readers comments associated to this discussion i began to compose and present the following notation of response to this discussion so lets begin…

“What Contributes To Your Agenda In Bridging My Understanding Of It” – Follow Me.

I honestly would agree with some of the comments posted, i personally thing it boils down to each individual whom are all exposed to all the norms that constitute our building block and identity like economic, political, and social make

up just to name the very few. Some people would suffer from a number of deficiencies where as others are prone to a much less number of factors that have become revealing to them. Again it gets a little more complex as different factors and quantities of numerous factors actually influence each other to pose certain factors to become revealing. For some people for example it is important to have cash flow visible to them and those surrounding when paying for lunch or a coffee this can be so revealing and it really wouldn’t matter if it is the lack of it or a sustainable amount it is the economic factor that has become as identifiable revealing to some which also can be revealed by another identifiable factor that is influencing other factors such as the social outings or the surrounding social circle of people like occurring around certain family members only and not others such as friends whom pose no economic identity that doesn’t reveal itself unless it is family for some individuals for others the identifiable social place or outing  could have revealing consequences again on the economic cash flow available at a restaurant where as going to the gym on your own on with your best friend of many years has no social or economic traits of identifiable revealing behavior.  Having said that i spent many years training as a professional swimmer since my early teens and reaching Olympic squad and regional state level competition you’d think  i would be greatly accustomed to a 50 meter pool as i spent more than half my youth in one i was built like a professional swimmer and fit as a fiddle normally given this scenario in training and competition you would assume much of all the ladies and teen girls would enjoy observing such a musicale body however in my mind i had developed a great self consciousness awareness of what i found was very revealing to me identifying with my physical body to be of great discomfort and revealing part for me that i battled along side my swimming career which i eventually left for this reason was revealing my physical appearance would be partial revealing socially depending on whom i identified most with the greatest discomfort so you see sometimes there might not be a justifiable or identifiable reason for the cause of an issue to become revealing about a person. If i was to blindly make a bitter assumption behind reasoning of individuals identifying with factors as revealing about them it would have to be the judgment of the persons mind in regards to ones individual personality which has a great number of internal and external influences and behaviors it reacts to or adapts or yet again changes as it reacts to each influence the mind observes these reactions of ones personality and pass’s a form of judgment on itself its like having a score card numbered from 1 the lowest score to 10 achieving the highest score so your mind rates your personality or the you identity sometimes know as ego according on how it reacts to the environment when the personality see the minds reaction of judgment towards it in the varies situation we are faced in life in my opinion it will begin trying to avoid the lower score cards by singling out recurring events with poor score cards and classifying them as the revealing parts or the hidden parts of the ego that it has deemed in judgment of the mind as identifiable associations that either have to be replaced by better judgment passed by the mind which rarely happens as the ego prevents and avoids such rhetorical issues resurfacing so they are dealt as best they can by the ego to maintain and prevent or avoid similar situation surfacing that would grantee further judgment by the mind which could cause the ego to self destruct by reacting to destroy every part identifiable along with every situations by all means such that it never happens again. So the question is what does the mind opt out for to find a solution where a better judgment is passed or more likely this occurs when the mind fools itself and becomes convinced the situation has dramatically changed even though in reality little may have changed this i believe gives the ego an opportunity to set the record straight and will do anything to fool the mind that the situation has changed and better judgment should be passed this time a classic example of this is lying about a situation your in that you have never been in before being a first experience the mind is highly likely to pass better judgment as it is not accustomed to the ego’s behavior yet and is highly likely to be fooled in observation of watching the ego exhibit and develop new mechanisms. I have tried to explain my opinion along with some logic on how such a scenario thrives and develops in situations and what is done to find a resolution. I hope this was somewhat informative and justifiable.

“Where Do You Find Yourself To Be?”

– & The Story Begins; How they treat the less fortunate. 

I was recently sitting in a doctors office waiting for an appointment. A man approached the reception desk with no shirt on, using it as a sling around his leg.

He was sweating profusely and he stunk. He was dirty. He looked like a bum. He was pleading with the receptionist to get a doctor to see him because he didn’t have any pain pills.

The receptionist and I smirked at each other and the waiting room all shot each other a knowing glance.. As if we were all thinking “oh brother”

The receptionist patronizingly explained that he would have to make an appointment and the doctor was too busy to renew his prescription. She refused to ask. I felt like rolling my eyes at this man. I mean HELLO DUDE make an appointment and for god stakes put on a shirt and have some self respect. He disgusted me.

At that moment the man dropped to the floor and looked up at the sky. He started to weep. I mean REALLY WEEP. I will never forget what he said.

He said ” just take everything. I have nothing left. Nothing but pain. Nothing. You’ve taken it all.. Just take me. I’m tired! I’m tired! I’m so tired.. What do I have? Nothing but pain..”

I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I was covered in goosebumps. I felt so much shame.. So much shame in who I was.

I looked at the receptionist as she called security and Turned from him. I looked around as people started snickering and smirking at me .. Disgusted that I had been one of them.

I can’t tell you how I found the courage, but I got up and I went over to him. I got down on the floor and to the shock of everyone, especially myself, I put my arms around his sweaty body and held him close.. And I didn’t let go. I held him and I told him that everything would be alright. I told him that I cared about him and that I was so sorry.

He went limp and cried in my arms in front of everyone until the security guard came.

As he was leaving he looked into my eyes and we connected. It was the realist and deepest compassion I have ever felt for another person.

I knew that that man had not been touched, comforted, or treated with respect for what could have been years. He was living in poverty, with nothing in his life but his addiction to pain pills and his medical problems.

This was a grown man at the end of his pitiful rope. A Person just like me with a heart and a soul. And I judged him. I laughed at him.. In the lowest part of his life.. When he had lost all hope and all self respect.

I learned that day that the measure of a person is not their success or accomplishments.. Not their intelligence or charm or appearance, but how they treat the least of all men.

Following this response Becky observes difficulty in understanding the communicated response to the message as it seemed to be of very complex nature in presenting and describing involving scenarios to explain my own personal perceptive and opinion regarding the topic at hand. I would like to know your own perception of the Topic material presented and my response to presenting further evidence and understanding of the core values of the discussion of topic. Regardless if you agree with the content explanation or disagree please voice your own opinions, suggestions and experiences and present your argument within its own definitive scenario’s that explore this issue and beyond your perceptions as you try to breach your limitations of understanding.

“You Understand Your Piece, So Will It Be A Match To Mine?”

If you visit Quora Blog and explore the Topic Suggestions, Comments and discussions In response to Becky Lee’s comment following my response i further add and clarify my inputs that appear of great complexity by the blogger Becky i explain that…, Note i assume a hypothetical scenario to support the content and better present the material for a more plausible understanding that can be commonly defined; 

that’s unfortunate i did put bit of effort and thought into it i guess if it didn’t make sense to you most likely it wont make sense to others i do find posting on blogs challenging because you don’t get a chance to run your work through all the appropriate edit tools including my brain in this case that proved to be either useless or misunderstood thank you for your comment and nothing beats the honest truth hopefully i will do better next time 🙂

Do you feel the same way? Do you believe you can explain and present information amongest a more plausible or favorable scenario or relationship of more understanding and greater clarity of arguably different or much the same content. Please include your responses and suggestions by posting a comment response of material explaining your own perception by identifying similarities or differences that you have assumed in this role by presenting your arguments and informative posts.

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Let Go Of The Imagery. 

– “How will it all present yourself? Bring it to life and become by creating it & then living it.”

– “Can Anyone tell me does death give purpose to life? Where would we be without death as eternal human beings? So if we are eternal can we be just that we are in our natural primate form of our creation and existence! So one problem how do we now escape the cycle of death keeping our eternal flame of life ignited eternally ! Is This Actually Possible!?! I Arguably would argue we can escape death by avoiding the requirement of its existence laying it to rest the knowledge we have gathered regarding death and bring it all to light the eternal flame of life. Its like all of a sudden realizing poison berries are not to be eaten  because the truth is it will kill once we gather the knowledge we understand how things are done and most importantly we also see why they are done. The more communication nodes of information and knowledge you have communicating date the better the information is understood realized and applied So please realize this the more souls under creation that participate in the soul evolution and higher attainment of enlightenment the greater the impact of the positive outcome of results and the more that can be achieved at higher rates due to participation of increased number of souls.”

-“How will you find your place of existence? Will you find your way to the truth of your reality to lead you on your path? You must bring your reality check forth & start to believe in your reality as it exists in your singular mind of truth & interpretation, then & only then you can start to believe in yourself.”

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Another trending blogger hot & popular topic on Quora found is Misunderstood by Nicole Mancada discussing and exploring the content of information that has been identified with bi polarity and its scope outlining the mental health of the well being of persons effected by or engaged with the diagnosis. Arguably Nicole presents information from first hand experience & her in depth mirrored understanding informed by the many sources approached by the many various forms of interactions ranging from health care professional to the many publications available, you may also follow my own response and contributions to the topic posted on the blog topic comments or by exploring the many other user comments engaging in the discussion.

Who & What Have You Become??

“Introduce Yourself, & Welcome Your Being”

See an extract post of my comment to response of Nicole Blogs Content & Topic“information to complement my research on the understanding i wanted and need within myself to feel much greater peace it takes lot of hard work especially if you only learn from personal experience and it may take a few times and some lessons of understanding that present themselves may be highly challenging and push our limits there is a danger you one day may not survive the experience presenting itself for you to understand that you desire but really i found two ways to find and establish inner peace within my soul firstly is to challenge my greatest fear like many is was death once i realized it was a choice that played part of a transitional role according to your choices in realities and your understanding of them and only you could limit yourself in evolutionary growth…,”. To View The Full Response Click Here.

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