Exploring The Essence & In Depth Of Relationships & Holy Communion

We begin this mindful journey by exploring the visual essence of the in depth part to communion between established relationships between man & god, truth, knowledge & unity of structure from the established language paradigms of communication quoted to be identifiable or otherwise rectifiable and/or judgmental roles practised or preached by the voice of oneness united in collective silence or individual might. 

Our Words Of Truth Of Encouragement Beyond Any Path You Are Destined Towards Know That You Will Always Find Yourself Here;

Firstly In The Presence Of Almighty Devotion of God, We Now Speak Of Peace On Earth With  Our Eternal Creators & Creations With Great Prevalence To Unity And Judgment. 

Speak of Your Inner Greatness Of Peace!.

Find Your Unity & Great Might!.

Relax & Breathe!.

You truly do matter to God ! You are His creation and He wants desperately to partner with you. He’s the best friend you could ever hope to have – He’s honest, trustworthy and totally committed to you, but just as in any friendship, the key to continued growth is communication with faith and trust .

The more you communicate with God the deeper the relationship will become.

Prayer is two way conversation that can solidify your relationship with your Creator if you know how to do it effectively .

Find Your Needs & Wants, Then Establish Your Desire And Attain Your Profound Great Knowledge & Apply Your Remedy Of Truth!. 

Whom Forgave ManKind?.

Become The Matter You Wish To Be & Behold Your Mercy Against Your Willful Forgiveness Against Heavily Grace. 

What does mankind bear in his name to this very last day?.

Placed in judgment, where he remained for an eternal blissful grace. 

Man’s guilt fell short of mans desire for the complete forgiveness of the fall to grace. 

Decisions residue ignites experimental teachings and journey walkways and paths, collaboration of implications identified in universal law of cause and effect. 

God desires our prayer to be simple ,natural ,enjoyable ,honest and heartfelt Prayer doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be complicated, prayer can be silent as well.

– “It can be short as well.”

He wants our communication with him to be without any rules, regulations and obligations.

He wants that our prayer should be an integral part of our everyday life the easiest thing we do each day and make it an obedient part of our lifestyle. He does not like us to miss or forget talking to him on any day.

Where Do You Find Your Place Amongst Us The Many?

You Shall Find It On The Outer Shell, Amongst You It Yields On Your Inner Self!.

Where Will You Find Yourself To Be & Have Become?.


Becoming one’s action admittedly accepted with great remorse & sorrow of density!. 

-“Have You Not Answered Your Pet Tamy Of The Desire That You Seek By Repenting In All Of Your Bathed Glory Baptised Forward Amongst The Destined Fountain Of Juvenile Youth!. 

Prayers can be successfully done at any place ,any atmosphere only the thoughts and words have to genuinely come from the heart when you are talking to God any time or any where and any number of times in a day.

We need not always assume a particular posture such as kneeling, prostrate or sitting cross legged while praying God does not mind how and where we pray as long as we show spontaneous genuine devotion even in our own silent way.

He does not mind if it not lengthy or done without any rituals.

“Prayer & Forgiveness Is Based On The Foundation Of A Relationship Of Beliefs & Trust Bias Only If Resulting In Guilt Or Lust Otherwise Resulting In Favorable Undefined Faith And Always Positively In Motion Learning & Growing!”. 

Enjoy Your Faith, Live Your Life & Believe In Your Future. Our Only Goal Can Be Summed Up In One Single Word “Triumph”.


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