The 12 totem animals

The 12 totem animals who, together, comprise the shamanic horoscope.

Did you know your totem animal is a veritable life guide who can influence your decisions? He is part of you and stands at your side every day of your life.
Shamanic wisdom teaches you to remain close to Nature. Your totem animal is a perfect example of this rule, since he helps you reconnect with the Universe as well as with your own inner nature.

I now will reveal to you the 12 totem animals compromising the shamanic horoscope…,

Aries = HAWK

The Hawk possesses extraordinary vision, which allows him to grasp every detail of any given situation as well as to see the overall picture.

He can even see beyond the material world and develop extrasensory abilities.

Thus, this great observer amazes us with his wisdom and sensitivity. He is active and strong-willed. He may appear selfish at times, however, and really should open up to others if he is to find happiness.

Taurus = MOOSE

The Moose is blessed with great physical strength, and his stature commands respect.

Strong-minded by nature, he is a born leader who knows how to take charge, regardless of the circumstances.

He is influential, appreciated, and acknowledged by all, who see how good-natured he really is when they know how to approach him.

He should learn to be more flexible in his attitudes, and he shouldn’t hesitate to show the tenderness he often keeps hidden deep within himself.

Gemini = OWL

The Owl is a nocturnal animal with a visionary mind that some may find perturbing, because he sees everything, hears everything, and can even tell what others would hide from him.

Despite his desire to communicate, keeping up with the Owl can sometimes be rather difficult because of his great learning and intelligence. Attracted by the world of magic, the Owl represents wisdom and can help others recover from emotional wounds.


The Sturgeon is the symbol of authority among Amerindians.

His courage is legendary. He is blessed with exceptional intuition, which is evident in his professional and artistic endeavours.

He likes situations where he can shine, something he needs to do to offset his sometimes melancholic moods.

He is widely travelled, whether on the road or in his thoughts, and enjoys sharing what he knows, to everyone’s delight.


The Mountain Lion, powerful and independent, is truly the king of the mountains.

He always seeks higher ground, looking for success on the highest peaks. He is a brilliant tactician, devising clever strategies that will help him achieve his goals, even if this means crushing those below him.

He trusts his steadfast instincts, which sometimes allow him glimpses of the higher spiritual world. People are easily drawn to him, seeing him as a leader, a role that fits him like a second skin.

He would do well, however, to work on learning how to counsel others rather than manipulating them, especially if they are vulnerable.

Virgo = DEER

The Deer represents independence and panache. He is a good negotiator and an even better communicator, one who knows how to listen with great care and can sense, at once, whether one is being honest with him or not.

Harmony and elegance are his motto: with his quick mind, he is at home in society.

The spirit world fascinates him. He is truly trustworthy, which his why his friends are faithful to him.

He is curious and multi-talented, and sometimes tends to spread himself too thin because of his constant need for stimulation.

Libra = EAGLE

Majestic, powerful, the Eagle soars high above, in the sky, from where he enjoys a global view of every situation. Because he lives so far above the rest of the world, he is sometimes seen as aloof or uncaring; in fact, he simply has a keen, analytical mind.

He works hard to be successful, and has great confidence in himself, a confidence which, more often than not, is fully justified.

He is generally appreciated for his expertise and his involvement.

He is patient and knows how to listen respectfully, and he often helps those he cares for with his words or by his actions.

Scorpio = BEAVER

The Beaver is the Builder, the labourer.

An untiring architect, he builds his dam with exacting attention to detail and constantly cares for it, keeping it in perfect condition.

The reliable Beaver is the pillar of his family. He is the fixer, the one who finds solutions.

He knows how to adapt to change, which is as much a part of his life as the constant flow of the river.

He creates his own environment, and his search for the ideal world often drives others to pursue his dreams.

However, he would do well to settle down sometime, enjoying life’s simple pleasures and learning to have fun, if he wishes to live a well-balanced life.

Sagittarius = RED FOX

The Red Fox truly deserves his reputation as a shrewd and wily animal who knows how to take advantage of events to further his own ends. He is a sedentary creature who lives with his family.

He needs emotional stability to be fulfilled.

The Red Fox is observant, intuitive and can also be quite the deceiver.

Few are those who know his true nature, but even though his charm is part of his personality, he needs solitude, especially when he becomes involved in creative tasks.

Capricorn = BEAR

Quiet, reserved, the Bear withdraws to his cave for the winter.

He enjoys this quiet period; it allows him to get back in touch with his inner self, to reconnect with the Spirit world.

The Bear is patient by nature, so he can afford to take the time to observe, to understand, and he sees his projects through over the long run. He is a loving creature who will protect his children with great zeal in the face of danger.

He deeply needs stability, which often prevents him from going off in search of adventures.

Aquarius = WOLF

The Wolf is the one who guides the community.

He is the very image of comprehension and harmony within the pack, which endears him greatly to Amerindian culture. He is very faithful; when he makes a commitment, it’s a lifelong one.

The Wolf will protect his partner, but will brook no deceit.

He also enjoys his independence and feels the need to ponder the meaning of life and spirituality in general.

As he is both intelligent and intuitive, others often turn to him for advice.


The Grey Whale, master of the ocean, is seen as the guardian of the Earth’s history.

His song hides much information within its high and low frequencies.

The Great Whale has telepathic gifts and communicates with the Universe.

He teaches us how to remain calm, how to listen to silence, how to link up with the power of the Universe as a universal force.

This way, he shows us the path to follow to live in harmony.

He is the embodiment of longevity and of controlled power.

–  “We hope you enjoyed reading your star signs attributes that invoke within you the many characteristics in life and much more beyond, & we hope to explore this issue further in the future & will keep you posted on any updates to this regards.

Hope all remains well & much joy runs through the veins of life that is you.” 

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