Four simple words by Oprah Winfrey.

Live your best life” – Four simple words,

made famous by Oprah Winfrey giving a single instruction to follow for happiness and success.

While the quote is priceless in it’s meaning and simplicity, it’s an instruction many don’t know how to follow.
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So drop what you are doing and read these;
9 Rules to Live Your Best Life:
1. Know your values. They are the foundation
of your life.
2. Get a hobby. The IT world has sabotaged the need for hobbies, but when you are passionate about something like art or cooking or sport, it’s really fulfilling.
3. Be mindful. Dwell deeply in the present moment, smells, sights and sounds.
Don’t always try and think ahead to the next thing.

4. Celebrate the golden moments. Reflect back on great conversations or a shared memory.

It’s actually the small things in life that contribute most to our happiness.

5. Learn from your greatest mistakes. So you don’t repeat the same bad habits over and over.

6. Be grateful for everything that you do have. The more you value in your life the more you attract and the more content you will feel.

7. Reduce your limiting beliefs. Stop telling yourself about things you don’t have or can’t be.

Be grateful for what you do have.

8. Get rid of clutter in your physical and mental space. It gets rid of drainers and makes room for fulfilment.

9. Seize the day. You only have up to a hundred years in your life. In contrast to the infinite past and infinite future, that’s a flash in time. Make the most of every second.

Pleasure; Sound Advice. 

Change your life.. naturally! 

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