10 Brutal Medieval Torture Techniques.

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)10) Brutal Medieval Torture Techniques.

The middle ages were not a nice period to live when people were very poor, suffered from diseases and the freedom was owned by land owners.

When the poor people commit a crime instead of paying fine or going to the prison, they were given various brutal ways of tortures.

They had lot of torture techniques and devices that gave a horrible pain.

“Here is the list of 10 medieval ways of killing from middle ages.”

10. Flaying;

Flaying is an ancient method of killing a person.

The skin of the criminal is removed from their body with a sharp knife in this method.

IT attempts to keep the skin intact.

9. Thumbscrews;

This is a torture instrument first used in Europe.

This has three upside metals in which between the thumbs were placed.

The victim’s finger or thumbs were places in vice and slowly crushed.

It is also applied to crush their big toes.

8. Span Foot Roasting;

 This treatment follows the simple fact that the sole of the foot is covered by the most heat sensitive skin in the body.

The punishment is like tie a person very tightly so they cant move their feet.

Then thy would set the fire beneath their feet and roast it.

They may stop and start this punishment following day also but at some point death would occur.

7. Head Crusher;

This was widely used in Inquisition.

The chin is placed over the bottom bar and the head under the upper cap.

This torture slowly turn the screw pressing the bar against the cap.

First the teeth are shattered into a jaw.

6. The Rack;

It is rectangular device with the roller at one or both ends.

The victim’s ankles are tied to one roller and the wrists are tied to other one.

Then they rotate the roller into it’s own axis.

5. Coffin Torture;

The victim was placed inside the coffin.

Tortures well known for forcing over weight victims into the coffin or making it too big to make the victims more uncomfortable.

The period of the time the victim is placed inside depends on the crime they have done.

4. Impalement;

It is the penetration of an organism.

This was regarded as a very harsh form of punishment.

It involves the body of a person being pierced using a long stake but using harp hooks.

3. Judas Cradle;

It is a terrible torture where the victim is placed on top of a pyramid like seat.

Victim’s feet is tied to each other very tightly so moving one leg will face well increasing pain.

The triangular shape is inserted into the victim’s anus or vagina.

Some tortures would increase the weight of the feet to quicker the time of death.

2. Breaking Wheel;

This torture is used to break the criminal’s bones and let him to die.

The victim’s limbs were tied to a large wheel.

Then the wheel will be slowly revolved while the torturer will hit the victim using a big iron hammer.

Once the bones were broken then the victim will be placed in a wheel was placed on tall so the birds could eat the flesh of the human.

1. Scaphism;

The victim was stripped nakedly and then fastened with the space of two narrow rowing boats.

Then he will forced to ingest milk and honey.

More honey would be poured to him to attract insects.

Then he would be left to float on a pond or to be exposed to sun.

Faeces accumulated within the container to attract more insects to breed within his exposed flesh. they will continue to apply milk, honey or their own faeces to the naked body till the victim dies.

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“Watch Our Recommended Documentary For Further In depth Analysis On Torture Techniques & Medieval Methods Discovered By Ancient Discoveries Of Historical Accounts Based On Supportive Evidence”;



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