Basic Ways On How do you learn to feel and vizaulize see auras for beginners.

Basic Ways On How do you begin to feel and visualize to perceive & see auras guided by your intuition based for beginners.

First exercise: How to feel the Aura.

Feeling the Aura is not that difficult, its quite easy. Its a very practical process. We have to understand it is a very subtle experience. Sometimes we experience some senses however we have to be open to it as the process is individual. The senses can range varying intensity, from warm to cold, or even warm chills, shivers etc. Check the exercise below.

We can begin by standing up in an upright position

Lets have 2 people stand and face each other. We can begin by having one person clasp others hands by making sure palms are flat against each other like a prayer position.

“Clasper” will begin by pushing their hands inwards while the other will push outwards. There is going to be quite a bit of physical tension, this will be temporary. Hold that position as long as you can and then you release.

Quickly step back from each other and then begin to move your hands,(palms face inwards) in, out and slowly becoming aware of the experience,. You may experience heaviness or having a ball of air between your hands either intense heat or cold. If you are feeling any of the sensations mentioned, you have felt the Aura.

How you can see the Aura;

Seeing the Aura is quite easy, although we think its complicated. We are working with subtle measurement and it is very important we remain open minded and relaxed. We know we are energy beings, seeing the aura is another one of our skills we have forgotten.

Second exercise: Seeing the Aura

For the exercise we will need a room with pastel colored wall, white is best. You will have to adjust the lighting of the room, lets closethe curtains or use the dimmer switch, bring the light down to almost dark.

Choose some one to be the subject, they should stand against the wall with eyes closed. The ones who want to observe the Aura will be sitting front of the subject, with rough a distance of six feet, they will be gazing at the third eye which is the area between the subject’s eyebrows.

When you gaze at the subject, you should not stare but a very gentle gaze. You should be comfortable as you gaze and not to be straining.

As you are holding your gaze, you should start to see a vibrant haze around the subject. You might see colors, if you are not seeing anything please relax, we are just practicing.


Intuition; Humble thoughts, Great Intent & Forward your Love & Gratitude to those around you!  

Thank You!. 


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