Is telepathy possible?…. and if so, how does it work?

Your Answer To All Your Earthly Experience, Is What You See. 

Is telepathy possible?…. and if so, how does it work?

Quantum states of perceptions; What I mean by this is that no two perceptions are the same in any given moment and the number of realities possible is infinite, it is actually impossible to perceive two exact same realities in the same moment of existence. So if telepathy was possible then too we would gain greater understandings and insights in to time travel and how realities meld on a linear time line, however what would happen if the time line was too multidimensional or perceptional with infinite possible realities this would add a greater element to the complexity of time and the reality of experience within this time frame that could very well result in time travel.

Your Creation Reality; Formation Of Belief  Or Accumulated Profound Knowledge & Always Must Equate To Total Organism Function & Structure Or Otherwise A Known System or Systems Of Experience & Experiences.

Ancient Egypt; Here’s  What We Believe! Our Greatness, Change & Conquest! 

Time Travel To Be Explained…., Alien Race influence On the Holy Arc Of The Past lemuria.  

Conciseness Of Your Immortal Thought ” Brings about your knowledge of spiritual body, physical body of your cellular function and communication in conciseness & your emotional belief the function of your higher self acting out of avenges or love.

Belief Of Yin & Yuan / Dark & Light Continuing Today’s Cycles Of Rebirth By Physical Birth & Death.

To BE Continued!!!…


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