Surprising facts about Indian Muslims.

Surprising facts about Indian Muslims.


Indian Muslims:

Amidst talks about terrorism and intolerance in the country, Islam is one religion that is always talked about. However, before you jump to any conclusions, here are a few facts about Indian Muslims that you ought to know…,

Second largest religion;

Islam is the second-largest religion in India, making up 14.2% of the country’s population with about 172 million adherents.

A major chunk;

This number is in fact greater than the whole Middle East Muslim population taken together.

Highest fertility rate;

Muslims in India have a much higher total fertility rate (TFR) compared to that of other religious communities in the country. Because of higher birthrates, the percentage of Muslims in India had risen from about 10% in 1951 to 14.4% by 2013.

Eminent leaders;

Out of the 12 Presidents of the Republic of India, three were Muslims – Zakir Hussain, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Representing the country;

Though Muslims are under-represented in the Indian Armed Forces, as compared to Hindus and Sikhs, several Indian military Muslim personnel have earned gallantry awards and high ranks for exceptional service to the nation. Air Chief Marshal Idris Hasan Latif was Deputy Chief of the Air staff during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and later served as Chief of the Air staff of the Indian Air Force from 1973 to 1976.

Religious respresentation;

Ahle Sunnat Sufi leader Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ameen Mian Qaudri and Aboobacker Ahmad Musliyar have been included in the list of most influential Muslims list byGeorgetown University. Mahmood Madani, leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and MP was ranked at 36 for initiating a movement against terrorism in South Asia. Syed Ameen Mian has been ranked 44th in the list.

Outside the country;

India has the largest concentration of the Muslims outside the member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the second largest (after Indonesia) in the world.

Within the country;

In terms of states, Assam’s population has 34% muslims, Lakshadweep has 96%, WB 27%, and Kerala at 26%.

Highest number of mosques;

India has over 300,000 mosques. This is, by an estimate, twice that of in Pakistan. UAE has 1418 and Bangladesh hosts close to 6,000.


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